Heidi Klum Says Her Halloween Costume Will Be Bigger Than Last Year’s

Heidi Klum Says Her Halloween Costume Will Be Bigger Than Last Year’s

Heidi Klum is once again raising the stakes and trying to out-do herself once more with this year’s sure-to-be-elaborate Halloween costume.

Every year, the model and America’s Got Talent judge hosts a star-studded Halloween bash, where she serves as the headliner in whatever over-the-top costume she’s come up with. Last year, she blew people’s minds by going as a giant, slithering earth worm, which really upped the ante when it came to unsettling body-horror costumes.

This year, it seems like she’s got her heart set on taking things up yet another level.

ET’s Denny Directo recently joined Klum — who’s already gearing up for the grand event — and she dropped some small but tantalizing clues as to what she might be going as this year around.

“I actually just took a trip, five hours I had to fly some place — and i don’t even want to say where, ’cause I don’t want to give you away any clue — but I had to fly five hours to this mysterious place and five hours back just to have a little look how things were going,” Klum revealed, adding, “Things are going very well. Thank goodness!”

While she didn’t want to give away any major spoilers, she did give fans a “little hint.”

“And I mean the tiniest little hint I can give you is it’s going to be very colorful, and super big,” Klum shared. “Honestly, I was envisioning it to be epic.”

“For me, it’s epic when all of a sudden gifs are being made, and everyone is talking about it. and it’s in the news and people are laughing,” she shared. “Then for me its like, ‘OK, this was a very good one.”

In fact, Klum teased that her costume might require her to “block a few lanes of the street” when she walks the red carpet.


Klum explained that it “takes a long time to plan for my Halloween costume,” and that it can be hard to actually really try it on because “a lot of these things are done with prosthetics.”

“And these prosthetics things are very, very expensive and once you’ve used them, you don’t take them off and then you can’t put them back on,” she added. “It’s one and done.”

Although that doesn’t mean the costumes just get tossed out never to be seen again. In fact, Klum said she keeps them all.

“I have every costume I have ever worn,” Klum explained. “I am a hoarder just for my regular, normal clothes, so why would I not hoard my costumes?”

For this year’s Halloween bash, she’s also designed a new themed signature cocktail to celebrate the spooky occasion, and she’s teaching fans how to make it.

“This year I teamed up with Patron El Alto and I’m making a really really cool drink, it’s called the Black Magic-rita,” Klum explained. “So it’s like a little spin of the margarita, but we’re going to make it extra fancy.”

Check out the video to see how Klum mixes the special Black Magic-rita!



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