Hello, Your Monthly Horoscope for October Is Here

Hello, Your Monthly Horoscope for October Is Here

Add These Dates to Your G-Cal:

  • October 2: Mercury Retrograde ends
  • October 9: Full Moon in Aries
  • October 23: Sun and Venus enter Scorpio
  • October 25: New Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio
  • October 27: Jupiter enters Pisces
  • October 30: Mars Retrograde begins in Gemini

    Congrats, galactic babes–you’ve made it! Libra season marks the halfway point of our astrological year. Look how far you’ve come–and how much you’ve accomplished! It’s hard to believe, but as if contending with six retrograde planets in the sky at once wasn’t dramatic enough, October’s astrology is the most dramatic of 2022. Mercury, Saturn and Pluto all station direct, Jupiter re-enters otherworldly Pisces, winter eclipse season begins, and action planet Mars will station retrograde in speak-now-apologize-later Gemini. You can let out a heavy sigh–dramatic doesn’t even begin to cover it!

    The month starts off with a true cosmic blessing on October 1 when Venus in Libra sits across the sky from Jupiter in Aries. Venus and Jupiter are known as the two benefics in the sky, meaning that they tend to deliver good fortune and blessings. As they unite, optimism abounds, and we’re more interested in socializing. There may be a tendency to overindulge, so be mindful of overdoing it–but let the good times roll! The following day–the news everyone’s been waiting for arrives–Mercury Retrograde finally ends as Mercury stations direct in Virgo! Misunderstandings begin to clear up and the dust will begin to settle from all the chaos.

    Spend some time reflecting on your growth and transformation on October 8 when Pluto joins the party and also stations direct. Pluto’s five-month-plus retrograde journey invited you to ponder your fears and their role in your life. What fears are you ready to confront? The following day on October 9, a Full Moon in Aries arrives. The Full Moon’s involvement with the asteroid/comet mashup Chiron and love planet Venus will bring up themes related to hurts within relationships. What cycles, habits, and patterns have run their course? In what ways are you ready to heal? On October 10, Mercury re-enters Libra and reminds you of themes and conversations you dealt with during Mercury Retrograde. It’s time to refocus on your partnerships and closest ties.

    Mars in Gemini tussles with Neptune in Pisces on October 11, which can really zap your energy and encourage paranoid thinking. Let these vibes inspire you to fight for the underdog and causes you believe in. Venus and Mars, the ~lurve~ planets, meet up on October 18, encouraging you to put energy and effort into your creative pursuits and hobbies. Loving energy flows freely throughout the day, so let your inner romantic run the show! The following day on October 12, the Sun and Venus, both in Libra, will square off with power hungry Pluto in Capricorn. Power struggles and control issues rear their heads in relationships and you’re more likely to clash with authority figures. Whatever’s been simmering beneath the surface will make itself known.

    The planet of structure, Saturn, stations direct on October 22–reminding us of the power of setting boundaries! And on the same day, the Sun and Venus, both in Libra, meet at the same point in the sky, forming what astrologers call a cazimi. When a planet enters the heart of the Sun, it’s a rebirthing process. This cosmic reshuffling serves as a period to release past pains from your closest connections so you can begin again. Breakthroughs and realizations are around the corner, and turning points in your romantic, professional, or platonic unions will take place.

    On October 23, a dramatic twist takes place in the sky when the Sun and Venus both enter Scorpio. Witches, dust off your brooms–spooky season and Scorpio season are beginning! Daylight continues to fade, darkness looms, and you’re entering a liminal space.

    Here comes eclipse season on October 25, with the arrival of a New Moon and solar eclipse in Scorpio. Eclipses speed up timelines, bring about fated events, and force you to confront whatever you’ve been avoiding. This solar eclipse coincides with another Venus cazimi, highlighting your connections, relationships, and values. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, belief, and fortune, re-enters Pisces on October 27, where it spent the first half of this year. Jupiter won’t visit this part of your birth chart again until 2033, so make the most of its lucky return!

    Be careful of letting your impulses run the show on October 27 when Mercury in Libra squares off with Pluto in Capricorn. You may find out some information that feels destabilizing and unsettling, but there is also a sense of relief. Taboo topics are up for discussion and your inner detective comes out to play. You want to get to the bottom of a situation–even if it requires a confrontation. Knowledge is power, so be cognizant of who you trust and share your inner world with.

    The month ends on a dramatic note, because, let’s be real: it’s Scorpio season! October 30 marks one of 2022’s most important astrological transits: Mars Retrograde begins in Gemini. The Gemini portion of your chart will undergo a renewal, but not without some frustrations along the way. Be careful of gossip—words can be wielded as weapons when Mars is in Gemini. This is a powerful time to reflect on how you can use your voice, as well as the way you speak to yourself. One thing’s for sure: After all this major astrology, you won’t be the same person you were at the start of the month. Consider that a blessing–growth looks good on you, cutie.

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