Hello, Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here

Hello, Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here

Overview: Woah! Mercury Retrograde began last week, and we’re in between eclipses. Right now, the energy is heightened, and that’s especially true on Thursday during the lunar T-square involving the Moon in Leo, Pluto in Aquarius, and the Sun in Taurus. But first, Tuesday’s Venus-Chiron sextile reminds us to connect, relate to, and/or eventually commit to our unfinished business in our romantic/intimate relationships. How can we always remember that relationships can provide us healing?

Read your Sun/Rising horoscope:


Talk about it, Aries! Tuesday’s Venus-Chiron sextile reminds you that you have to name it to frame it—you have to give voice to your emotion(s) to heal them. Thursday’s T-Square wants you to communicate something courageously to your friends, especially around themes of responsiveness, reliability, and loyalty so you can keep supporting each other.


Happy birthday, Taurus! Tuesday’s Venus-Chiron sextile wants to help you heal from a limiting belief and/or pattern that keeps you disempowered around financial safety/security. Thursday’s lunar T-square inspires you to find a helpful, strong balance between you challenging yourself to go out of your comfort zone, and nurturing yourself for sustained growth.



You heal in community, Gemini! Tuesday’s Venus-Chiron sextile wants you to expand your opportunities and resources for empathy, compassion, and support wherever you could use it—and give it, too. Thursday’s lunar T-square wants you to normalize confusion—you don’t have to know everything!—and stay in data collection and research.


The past travels with you, Cancer. Tuesday’s Venus-Chiron sextile wants you to practice critical awareness on the job because you might be emotionally flammable around something from the past, not the present. Thursday’s lunar T-square helps you connect to knowledge that’s physical, embodied, and intuitive. Trust what comes up for you then!


Girls’ trip, Leo? Tuesday’s Venus-Chiron sextile wants you to plan and/or find a last-minute opportunity to go away with your friends. If you can’t take a vacay, you can use intelligence and wisdom to take you on a mental adventure instead. Thursday’s lunar T-square wants you to maximize your tolerance level for uncertainty, especially with romantic and professional situations.


The work works, Virgo! Tuesday’s Venus-Chiron sextile wants you to try a helpful approach, skill, and/or habit that supports your healing. Think: meditation, breathwork, and/or other simple but effective strategies that help you. Thursday’s lunar T-square helps you hold space between the big and the small picture throughout conversations with your friends!


Take an optimistic stance, Libra! Tuesday’s Venus-Chiron sextile wants you to balance your objectivity and discernment with optimism and hope, especially when you believe in other people’s potential to get it right. Thursday’s lunar T-square wants you to review whether or not your values align with your friends and how you support each other’s goals.


It’s the little things, Scorpio! Tuesday’s Venus-Chiron sextile helps you notice the ways that the little things add up to create meaningful connection(s). It’s about small things often, so initiate that as best you can. Thursday’s lunar T-square wants you to practice resilience when you’re feeling emotionally exposed, or lean into anticipatory anxiety throughout a professional scenario.


Reframe what you expect, Sag! Tuesday’s Venus-Chiron sextile wants you to begin expecting different, positive outcomes proactively. Initiate those expectations and watch them work like magic in your relationships! Thursday’s lunar T-square gives you a chance to communicate an uncomfortable truth very articulately and have it listened to with an open mind.


Who turns towards you, Capricorn? Tuesday’s Venus-Chiron sextile wants you to pay attention to who notices the ways you signal connection, and then turn towards those signals positively. Thursday’s lunar T-square can be a sexy, intimate one, but only if you’re willing to self-disclose and get vulnerable first rather than waiting for them to initiate the thing you want.


Communication is such a turn-on, Aquarius. Tuesday’s Venus-Chiron sextile inspires you to express yourself as articulately as possible and then notice who knows how to use their words thoughtfully with you. Thursday’s lunar T-square may feel conflicting, so try to normalize the competing contradictions within yourself without making it mean you have a problem.


Your network is your net worth, Pisces. Tuesday’s Venus-Chiron sextile wants you to surround yourself with people who have a positive influence with the way you engage with and experience money. Thursday’s lunar T-square helps you hold the micro, macro, and the important details, vision(s) in between so you can let your curiosity take you to amazing places.

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