Here’s How to Catch ‘Thor: Love and Thunder‘ Now That It’s Out This Week

Here’s How to Catch ‘Thor: Love and Thunder‘ Now That It’s Out This Week

Thor: Love and Thunder is the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film to hit theaters, and it’s already gaining *a lot* of attention. But Marvel films are kiiiind of a mixed bag when it comes to when they stream online. And while some have been available to stream shortly after their initial theatrical releases, others have taken…well, months. But because movie companies have been standardizing their streaming release schedules as of late, we have a pretty good idea of exactly when and where the new Thor film in the franchise will be free to view from your couch. Read below for all of the deets, yw!

Will Thor: Love and Thunder be released online?

It sure seems like Disney will stick to a roughly 45-day theatrical window for the next movie in the Thor saga. This time period is starting to become the norm for big blockbuster films, with both Paramount and Warner Bros. releasing their own major releases to streamers Paramount+ and HBO Max respectively after that amount of time.


However, we have seen in the past that films can hit Disney+ after 70 days…or even more. The major predictor of whether a film will skew towards 45 or 70 days is how well it does at the box office. The last Marvel release, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, had a 45-day exclusive run in theaters before it became available to stream on Disney+. But Eternals had a theatrical run of 70 days, and Black Widow dropped 90 days after arriving in cinemas.

Given the tremendous hype around Thor and the fact that it already has a considerably loyal fanbase, Disney will likely want to keep the movie in theaters for longer, meaning the best estimate for when it’ll hit Disney+ is around ~September 2022.


What can I watch in the meantime?

While you wait for Thor: Love and Thunder to hit Disney+, you can watch the entirety of the MCU, including the first three Thor movies (Thor, The Dark World, and Ragnarok) and spin-off series Loki, which stars Tom Hiddleston as Thor’s roguish younger brother. All are on Disney+ now!

But how can I watch Thor: Love and Thunder now?

For now, the only place to watch Thor: Love and Thunder is IRL at a movie theater when it premieres on July 8. Luckily, if you use this handy dandy link, you can find a showtime at a movie theater near you!


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