How I Accessorized My Bald Head and Learned to Love It


A disclaimer: this writer lost all her hair at the ripe age of 2 due to alopecia, the autoimmune condition that results in sudden hair loss and often baldness. And I’m hardly alone — approximately seven million people in the country endure it, too, according to Medical News Today. After I was diagnosed, I wore a wig for many years (20, to be exact). I was bullied and teased relentlessly in school for my bald head — classmates called me a “boy” frequently and mocked me for my lack of eyebrows. But once I learned to accept and embrace my baldness, my entire life changed.

While I credit college basketball and running marathons for my newfound sense of confidence, the truth is, I never felt like my true, authentic self in a wig (though many people do, and that’s totally OK, too!). For me, it was a reality I never expected to face. Today, decades after being taunted on the playground, I can’t imagine myself any other way than bald. My favorite look, in fact, is leaving my bald head uncovered for the whole world to see. That being said, I love to experiment with other fun styles, too, be it bright scarves, statement earrings, or matching headbands. I look at my bald head as an accessory — and a coveted one at that.
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Bald is the norm for some people, and it is absolutely beautiful.

With that in mind, here are 10 ways I dress up my bald head. Inspiration ahead (no pun intended!).

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