How iCandy’s “Keep Dat” Is Taking Over TikTok

How iCandy’s “Keep Dat” Is Taking Over TikTok

Image Source: YouTube user iCandy

It’s almost impossible to open TikTok right now and not see someone dancing or strutting their stuff to iCandy’s viral hit “Keep Dat.” The track has inspired dance challenges and also served as background music for tons of videos, but if you’re not familiar with the Florida artist or song, here’s what you should know.

iCandy is a rapper from Pompano Beach, FL. She’s been making music since she was in high school and turned 27 this past February. As for “Keep Dat,” iCandy released the song in November 2022, which has two versions: the explicit “Keep Dat N*gga” and a clean edition simply called “Keep Dat.” The song hit the Billboard charts for the first time in those dated May 13, debuting at No. 40 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and No. 15 on the Hot 100’s Bubbling Under.

iCandy opened up about the song’s viral success in a May 11 interview with Rap Caviar, explaining, “I was in the studio with my engineer and my ex kept calling my phone. And I was like, ‘Boy, stop calling me. I don’t want you no mo’!'” The rapper’s favorite Tiktok that uses the song, she said, was one Pretty Vee posted in March of her walking through an airport wearing the viral MSCHF big red boots.

Her song’s popularity, she told Rap Caviar, was because the idea behind it is instantly relatable. “Everybody done been with a clown, even me,” she said.

What Is the “Keep Dat” Dance Challenge?

There are a couple different dances that TikTokers have choreographed for the song. One of the most popular tutorials was posted by user senpaiblackfoot back in April.


KeepDatNinja🥷Dancetutorial‼️ Dc:@🪫 #keepdatninja #keepdat #icandy #dancetutorial #fypシ

♬ Keep Dat Nigga – iCandy

“Keep Dat N*gga” by iCandy Explicit Version

“Keep Dat” by iCandy Clean Version

What Song Does “Keep Dat” by iCandy Sample?

“Keep Dat” samples “Boogie Shoes” by KC and the Sunshine Band, repeating the song’s horn section over and over.

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