How Trevor Noah Earns *Way* *More* Money Than the Other Late Night Hosts


If you’ve ever wondered how much hosting The Daily Show pays, it’s….a lot! Trevor Noah’s net worth has exponentially increased since he took over the job from Jon Stewart in 2015, and now he’s one of the highest-paid hosts on television—with a way higher net worth than the likes of Jimmy Kimmel Live! host Jimmy Kimmel and Cats star James Corden. Let’s dig into all the ways Trevor Noah has made his money, shall we? (Hint: Taking your comedy show on tour pays big).

Trevor Noah’s Daily Show Salary Has Literally Doubled

Back when he first started hosting The Daily Show in 2015, Trevor’s salary was somewhere around $5-8 million per season—which, yes, is a ginormous sum of money. But when you compare that to Jon Stewart’s salary of $25 million, Comedy Central could clearly do better. However! Celebrity Net Worth reports that in 2017, Trevor signed a shiny new contract with Viacom, doubling his salary to $16 million per season (this contract runs until 2022, so he’ll probably earn even more starting next year).

So, how much has Trevor Noah made all together thanks to this Comedy Central gig? I did the math My phone calculator did the math, and came up with about ~$96 million total. WOWOWOW.


P.S. Trevor has also been extremely generous with his money, and reportedly paid the salaries of 25 furloughed Daily Show staff members during the coronavirus pandemic. “These are the people who have been on the show with Trevor from day one and help him put on the show,” a source told Variety. “Trevor is personally covering their salaries until the production business opens again. He respects his crew tremendously and feels it’s only right that they get through this together.”

Love this/love him.

Trevor Noah Made 7 Figures for His Book

Not only was Trevor’s memoir, “Born a Crime,” a best-seller (as in, it sold over 1 million copies from 2016-2019), multiple sources confirmed to the The Hollywood Reporter that he made seven-figures from his book deal. I believe that’s what we call SUCCESS.

Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood

He’s Made a Ton of Money from Touring

A 2019 profile of Trevor in The Hollywood Reporter casually revealed that his comedy tours have grossed almost $14 million, a financial boost that puts his earnings over the top. Apparently, 2018 was particularly lucrative, with Trevor grossing more than $5 million.

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He Made $$$ from the 2021 Grammys

Trevor blessed us with his hosting presence at the Grammys this year, and apparently it paid! Back in 2017 (so rates could have increased since then), Forbes reported that Grammy hosts are required to get $5,000, but they typically are paid more like $20,000. Not a huge amount in the world of A-list celebs, but still impressive for a night’s work that included this iconic moment:

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He Owns Millions (like…M-I-L-L-I-O-N-S) in Real Estate

Much like every other celeb ever, Trevor dabbles in the art of flipping houses. Per Celebrity Net Worth, he bought a $20 million Bel-Air mansion in 2019 and flipped it for $21.5 million two years later. Then in 2021 he bought another Bel-Air mansion for $27.5 million. Oh, and he owns an apartment in New York which he paid around $10 million for. So, all together he has about $30 million tied up in U.S. real estate—not to mention several fancy properties in South Africa.

So What’s Trevor Noah’s Total Net Worth, You Ask?

Just a casual $100 million. Which is higher than that of James Corden ($70 million), Jimmy Kimmel ($50 million), and Stephen Colbert ($75 million).

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You’re obsessed with celebrity bank accounts. So are we! Let’s overanalyze them together.

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