I Attempted to Wear Olivia Rodrigo’s Infamously Tall, 7-Inch Platform Boots

I Attempted to Wear Olivia Rodrigo’s Infamously Tall, 7-Inch Platform Boots

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Dua Lipa, Olvia Rodrigo, and Lady Gaga all posed in the Marc Jacobs Kiki platform boots, and upon first glance, my reaction was always the same: I wonder what it’s like to actually walk in those 7-inch heels? Well, reader, I tried the vertiginous heels on myself and at the most non-opportune time, too. I had just completed a 16-mile run before stepping into these monstrous shoes, which might have been foolish, but I had no other choice since I’m in the midst of training for a marathon. Nevertheless, I’m always up for a challenge, and I’d like to think strapping into these puppies with a giant blister on my big toe qualifies as such.

It is a costume shoe built for a celebrity — one who is spotted by body guards or assistants, and employs a driver to transport them from door to door.

To be candid, wearing this version of the infamous Kiki, which first debuted on the runway in 2016 and boasts a 4-inch platform (you do the math), is not easy. Though they’re equipped with five buckle straps, the thin strips of leather across the upper and around the ankle are no match for the 5-pound blocks they’re dragging along. The Kiki style is so tall (the tallest in Marc Jacobs platform history), that once you’re standing in them, the inevitable realization hits you: if you were to fall, you’d twist and probably break your ankle. Upon recognizing that fact, I immediately reached for support from the wall beside me — and also the ceiling. Because my tiny attic apartment would have it that, in the Kiki, I was a giant whose head skimmed the roof.

Ahead, see how I styled this viral, celebrity-favorite shoe, despite my fear of tripping and squashing one of my cats. Then, keep scrolling to shop it for yourself.

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