Ice Spice Reveals Her First Celebrity Crush to Doja Cat

Ice Spice Reveals Her First Celebrity Crush to Doja Cat

Ice Spice is offering some clarity when it comes to her celebrity crush!

The 23-year-old rapper and Doja Cat sat down for a fun conversation for Instagram’s Close Friends Only podcast. 

Ice Spice and Doja spilled some fun tea for their first sit down together.

Doja didn’t waste any time by getting to the fun questions — and making Ice Spice blush a little — as she asked her to name her first celebrity crush.

“It’s so embarrassing,” Ice Spice replied. “I was a kid.” 

Finally, she spilled. 

“It was Usher,” she revealed. “I saw him at the Met Gala for the first time I’ve ever seen him, and I was like ‘Oh my god, it’s him.'”

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Doja couldn’t help but agree, noting that the “Daddy’s Home” singer is “beautiful.” 

“Gorgeous man,” Ice Spice added. 

Doja actually had the chance to experience all of Usher’s gorgeousness up close and personal, as she was one of the lucky celeb women serenaded by him during his My Way residency in Las Vegas. 

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The girlies didn’t stop their fun with the crush talk, though. The interview also saw them dishing on the best way to flirt on Instagram, which according to Doja, is to go all out.

“Leaving a comment on every single photo,” the GRAMMY-winning artist said.

“Oh my god, no,” Ice Spice quipped. “Not me flirting with you.” 

During the chat, the two superstars also dished on the nicest thing someone has ever DM’d them. According to Ice Spice, her DMs are a hater-free zone, as she gets nothing but positivity. When it comes to the juiciest DMs, Doja shared that there are messages from people she never would have expected. However, she did not get into it by sharing the names of the people. 

Doja is currently joined by Ice Spice on her Scarlet Tour, which is set to wrap the North American leg on Dec. 13.


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