Iconic ‘60s Fashion Trends That We Still Love Today

Iconic ‘60s Fashion Trends That We Still Love Today

The “Swinging Sixties” was a time known for its major shifts in culture, politics, music, and fashion. From the Civil Rights movement to second-wave feminism, as well as some of the world’s most historical events—Neil Armstrong’s first step onto the moon, the Kennedy assassination, the appointment of the first Black Supreme Court Justice—this tumultuous decade had a direct impact on individual expression that was mirrored in the 1960s fashion trends it produced.

The growing popularity of miniskirts and

bikinis signified the sexual liberation of empowered women exerting their bodily autonomy, while bold colors and flower power served as a symbol of opposition to the Vietnam War and a revolution against all that was mainstream. With or without a grasp of the cultural magnitude, we still revel in a lot of these styles and trends today. Your favorite fringe jacket, risqué sheer dress, or warmest crochet clothing all at one point made a statement that went beyond fashion, so let this roundup of iconic style moments serve as your grooviest mood board now and forever.

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