If You Don’t Book a Trip to Ibiza Immediately After Seeing This Hotel…IDK What to Tell You

If You Don’t Book a Trip to Ibiza Immediately After Seeing This Hotel…IDK What to Tell You

Look, I’m not a quote-unquote party girl. I enjoyed putting on a bandage skirt (am I aging myself?) and pregaming with the girlies back in my college days, but now that I’m closer to 3o than 21, my couch is definitely my favorite place to be on a Friday night. Suffice it to say Ibiza, Spain—one of the most famous nightlife destinations in the entire world—wasn’t someplace I ever saw myself visiting. But when I was presented with the opportunity to pack my bags and check out one of the most luxurious hotels on the island, I took one look at the website and requested my PTO approximately five seconds later. The property—and the surrounding city—were simply too stunning to pass up.

The hotel in question is Ibiza Gran Hotel, a five-star resort often frequented by celebs when they’re in town. They invited me in for a three-night stay in June to check out their gorgeous digs and learn why Ibiza is way more than just a place to get drunk and dance your heart out (though, nothing wrong with that either). And let me tell you…they were right. The only pills I took in Ibiza were Tylenol and Vitamin C (they stay out late there, let me tell ya!), and I had the absolute trip of a lifetime. It was so good, in fact, that I’m ready to convince you to visit the pretty city too. Read on to learn why Ibiza is an iconic vacation destination, and why the Ibiza Gran Hotel is probably (definitely) the place where you want to stay while you’re there.

(FYI: The writer received comped travel, accommodations, and meals during this getaway.)


Ibiza Gran Hotel: I know I said this is a five-star resort…but it could actually be six. From the moment I stepped inside the Ibiza Gran Hotel, I felt like straight-up Spanish royalty. The staff was so kind and welcoming (which I really needed after my red-eye flight, tbh), and the lobby looked like it could have been an art museum. Probably because the hotel is filled with more than 400 incredible pieces from contemporary artists from around the world. (My fave is a funky hanging sculpture in the grand entryway that looks like sperm racing to fertilize some eggs…sexy!) The lobby also leads out to the gorgeous outdoor courtyard, so the promise of swimmin’ and sunnin’ is tempting as soon as you arrive.

Ibiza Gran Hotel

What makes this property truly one of a kind, however, are the rooms. I audibly gasped when I walked into my Superior Suite, which had a stunning view of Ibiza’s old town, a massive balcony with a couch and lounger, and a hot tub in the middle of the living room. Casual! Normal! Totally used to that! It was definitely too big for lil ol’ me, and I had zero complaints.

The suite I stayed in was luxe as hell and I would highly recommend booking it, but just so you’re fully educated you should know there are a variety of other room styles too. For example, one of the Pool Suites, which, yes, have their own private pools. Or one of the swanky Gran Suites (the best ones at the resort!) which are basically full condos decked out in the chicest decor you’ve ever seen. I got to check out the Gran Suite Dalt Villa—a celeb-loved suite with a full cocktail bar and an infinity pool overlooking the skyline—and I’m gonna need you to look at it too, for ~aspirational~ purposes.

gran suite dalt villa

Gran Suite Dalt Villa

Ibiza Gran Hotel



Hang out by the pool: Is there anything more glorious in this life than just allowing yourself to waste away poolside and soak up some sweet, sweet vitamin D? It’s the recharge we all need and deserve. Ibiza Gran Hotel has two pools, one that’s adults only and one that’s open to the whole fam, for you to get your lounge on, and neither was packed at any point while I was there. Plenty of day beds, plenty of space to swim, and plenty of drinks to go around (yes, there’s a pool restaurant with waiter service—more on that later).

ibiza gran hotel

Ibiza Gran Hotel

Indulge at the spa: I got a massage at the hotel’s Aqua Spa just a few hours after touching down in Ibiza post-8-hour flight (you know, after mowing down some room service), and my goodness is that ever the best way to spend a jetlagged first day. In addition to a variety of other services, the spa also boasts an impressive hydrotherapy circuit, complete with hydro-massage pools, ice baths, a Finnish sauna, saline inhalation baths, and aroma showers. If you book a service, you can pop in before or after your treatment time. Highly recommend taking a good book and lounging on the hotbeds!

aqua spa

Hannah Chubb
aqua spa

Hannah Chubb

Explore the city: If there’s a history buff in you just itching to be let out, you’re going to want to make the trek (lol, it was like an eight-minute drive) to Ibiza’s Old Town, also known as Dalt Vila. The historic city center was dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999, and is fortified by walls that date back to the Renaissance era (no, not Beyonce’s). It’s absolutely gorgeous, lined with fun shops and eateries, and you can definitely make a day of walking around the cobblestoned streets—just make sure you skip the heels.

ibiza gran hotel

Ibiza Gran Hotel

Rent a boat: Or find some cute new friends to invite you out on theirs, whichever comes first! The concierge at the hotel can help you arrange a boat rental, which you absolutely want to do, trust. I mean, what screams “I’m living my best life” quite like floating around and tanning on the Med? We took out chic little powerboat and headed to Formentera, Ibiza’s neighbor island, which is far less crowded, making it a popular summertime destination. We snorkeled along the coast before dropping anchor for some swimming and rosé-fueled dancing. The water was so turquoise I could have cried.

Go out out: Did you even go to Ibiza if you didn’t go out? That’s the exact sentence that kept repeating in my head as I dragged my feet up to the entrance of Pacha, one of the most iconic and well-known clubs in Ibiza (other popular spots include and Amnesia). The multi-level space is exactly what you might think of when you think of a super club, and the clientele comes dressed to impress…and dance. Honestly, I had fun and I’m glad I experienced it even though I am a 27-year-old grandma and I left early (which was easy to do because it’s literally a three-minute walk from the hotel). Then again, early in Ibiza is like 2 am, so I’m still really proud of myself. Long story short, you should do it. Go out. Live a little.

Eat (and Drink!)

The Grand Breakfast: If the phrase “hotel breakfast” doesn’t get you going, I get it. The average hotel breakfast typically consists of cardboard cartons of cereal, room-temperature yogurt cups, and maybe, if you’re lucky, a fruit salad made with all your least favorite fruits. But not at Ibiza Gran Hotel. I’ve actually never seen anything quite like it.

ibiza gran hotel

Ibiza Gran Hotel

Picture a massive room filled with every breakfast food you can think of—both American and Spanish—both grab-and-go and made-to-order. I’m talking a crepe bar, fresh juices by the gallon, waffles on a stick ready to be dunked under a chocolate fountain, all of your favorite fruits (you know the ones), an omelette station, and every cheese under the sun to pair with every cured meat you could dream of. There’s even a man slicing up jamon iberico right in before your eyes, and if that’s not what welcomes you at heaven’s gates, I don’t know what does.

La Gaia: I’ve gotten the opportunity to do a few different tasting menus thanks to my job, but this is one I will never forget. Located on the ground floor of the hotel, this fine dining establishment specializes in small plates. And I just checked the menu again to confirm that 20 of them were brought out during our (four! hour! long!) dinner. The dishes were as daring as they were delish. The menu changes often, but mine included pickled tomato with caviar, oyster tempura, seabass ceviche, and grilled lobster with seagrapes and bearnaise sauce. So…yum.

la gaia

Pool Restaurant: If you’re ordering room service or a quick poolside bite, this is the spot your grub is gonna come from. It’s got a mix of trusty favorites (read: Caesar salad, fries, and a killer club sandwich) as well as more upscale fare, like coconut curry mussels, wagyu beef carpaccio, and a strawberry-infused gazpacho. Trust me, there’s something on the menu for everyone, and I can say from experience that it tastes damn good when consumed while soaking in a bubble bath.

Zuma: I will never forget my dinner at Zuma, because it is the first place that I have ever tried sushi and liked it. And trust me, my bf tries to make me like it everywhere we go. Someone compared this place to Nobu, and I’ve never been to Nobu, but I’ve seen it enough times on The Kardashians to believe this is a fair assessment. It’s basically the chicest Japanese food you’ve ever seen, with cocktails that would make even the most creative mixologist shake in their boots. The open-air restaurant also has a stunning view of Dalt Vila, so it’s IG approved.


Hannah Chubb

Hannah Chubb

Cipriani: There’s a solid chance you’ve already heard of Cipriani, a celebrity-loved restaurant group with outposts all over the world. The Ibiza iteration is just as glam as any other, with a seafood-heavy menu that blends Italian cuisine with Mediterranean flair. If you’re in the mood for pasta, you know where to go.

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