Introducing ELLE’s Fashion Week Bingo Game

Introducing ELLE’s Fashion Week Bingo Game

And just like that, another New York Fashion Week has arrived. Each season, editors, influencers, and industry insiders gather ‘round to preview the newest collections from must-know brands, big and small. Yes, this is the moment for designers to showcase their best pieces that we can look forward to wearing in the distant future, but it’s also a time for fashion lovers from all corners of the industry to flaunt their sartorial chops, too. As they say, the world is your runway, and during Fashion Month, that sentiment couldn’t be more accurate.

On streets and sidewalks across the city, unique outfits abound. That said, there are some pieces that seem to pop up at every event, which is why we decided to put together a little game of Fashion Week Bingo. Some may play into the best spring 2023 fashion trends, while others steadily remain fashion week mainstays. Below, you’ll find the items we’re betting on seeing—and maybe you will, too. You might even find something worth adding to your own wardrobe.

Now, let the games begin.

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