Introducing: Soft Mattress Toppers That’ll Transform Your Dorm Room Bed

Introducing: Soft Mattress Toppers That’ll Transform Your Dorm Room Bed

Not sure what kind of twin XL mattress topper is right for you? Here are a few tips to get ya started:

Choose the right fill material

Toppers come in a range of styles, so you’ll wanna consider how you like to sleep and what your mattress is lacking. Foam mattress toppers are the most popular option, as they provide cushioning and support, but they tend to sleep a bit hot, since foam (particularly memory foam) absorbs body heat. Latex toppers offer a similar feel but a lil more breathability (thanks to the natural materials), while down and down-alternative toppers will give your bed plushness rather than pressure relief.

Consider the cover material

The material used for your topper cover or shell will also affect how well you sleep. Covers made with natural fibers (like cotton or bamboo) tend to be more breathable and cooling, while those made with synthetic materials (like polyester or microfiber) may not work as well for hot sleepers. However! Synthetic materials are typically cheaper, so if you’re shopping on a budget, then they’re your best bet.

Look for bonus features

In addition to having a removable, washable cover, the best mattress toppers usually include elastic straps on the corners that’ll keep ’em secure to your mattress. These aren’t *totally* necessary (especially since mattress toppers go under your fitted sheet), but they can def come in handy, especially if you shift positions a lot in your sleep.

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