Is Neve Campbell Leaving ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ After Season 2?

Is Neve Campbell Leaving ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ After Season 2?

As much as The Lincoln Lawyer is very much Mickey Haller’s world, we can’t still ignore the fact that one of our favorite characters is Maggie McPherson AKA First Wife according to his caller ID. Played by scream queen Neve Campbell, she’s definitely become one of the reasons to tune in and watch. Which is why a lot of fans are wondering if we said goodbye to her for good after the show’s season 2 finale. So will we see more of Maggie on our screens?

Here’s everything you need to know about Maggie McPherson’s future in The Lincoln Lawyer.

So, wait, did Neve Campbell leave The Lincoln Lawyer?

No, Neve didn’t leave the show and just like so many other things in showbusiness, she actually has a very Hollywood excuse. Filming for season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer also overlapped with the filming of Avalon, a show created by The Lincoln Lawyer creator David E. Kelley. According to Deadline, the show was originally set to air on ABC and starred Neeve before they canceled the project.

Due to filming happening at the same time and being unable to do both projects at once, she left The Lincoln Lawyer to film Avalon.

Watch ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ on Netflix

Watch ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ on Netflix

But what about Maggie?

Maggie now works over in San Diego, which means she’s pretty far away from everyone else in LA. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t get to see her again. With Mickey having a very big and personal case on his hands, he’ll definitely be reaching out to her for help. Plus, we’ve already seen how quickly she’s able to switch jobs, so who says she won’t be back again real soon!

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Lara Solanki//Netflix

Also, Maggie still plays a huge part in all of the books, including The Gods of Guilt, which is the book that season 3 will be based on. So we definitely have not seen the last of her.

‘The Gods of Guilt’ by Michael Connelly

'The Gods of Guilt' by Michael Connelly

‘The Gods of Guilt’ by Michael Connelly

What will happen to Maggie in season 3?

We’re going to have to wait and see, especially since the show hasn’t been renewed just yet. However, she is the one who often puts Mickey back in his place during a case and there’s a strong chance she’ll be back to do so again if The Lincoln Lawyer does get renewed for season 3!

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