It’s Time to Get Colorful With Your Eyeliner

It’s Time to Get Colorful With Your Eyeliner

How do you apply colored liner?

Like any pomade or cream product, the application is only as good as the tool used. If your colored liners don’t come with a brush already, Funes advises investing in the absolute best tools, especially if precision is a top priority. Funes shares her tips below.

Find the best tools

“If you’re doing a graphic liner, you want a brush that is a few millimeters long. I reach for my By Melolops C2 or my Gavissi Beauty GV08 brush—both very thin—to create precise lines and can also be used to create a thick line, too. If you’re applying dots to add accents to your look, reach for a nail art dotting tool for the easiest application or even a bobby pin.

Don’t be afraid to get creative

“Create a design, whether it’s a circle, a square, a triangle, cat eye winged liner, a Marvel superhero logo, absolutely anything,” she says. Beginners can also begin with a simple winged liner and work their way up to Cut Creaser’s more intricate designs.

Activate the liner

If the liner pot or palette you’re using is water-activated, understanding how opaque or sheer you want your liner will determine how much water is needed. “You should only use a few drops of water to activate it to the right consistency,” Funes advises.

Dry, dry, dry

To prevent smudging or transferring, allow your liner ample time to dry down. Once it’s dry, you can build up the coverage to your desired look, or add mascara and lashes.

What do you look for in a colored liner?

Your criteria for colored liners depends on your desired look, but color and finish are super important to Funes. If I need a very distinct color, I’ll look at Glisten Cosmetics because they have the biggest shade range I’ve ever seen,” she adds. Palettes give you more bang for your buck since they typically come with a slew of shades to choose from that can be easily mixed together or layered. “Because [palettes] are so versatile, I can find any finish from shimmer to matte to duo-chrome. My go-to’s are mostly matte but if you need an accent to your look, a good shimmer will make your eyes pop,” she adds.

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