Jameela Jamil Shows Her “Elastic” Skin as She Opens Up About Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Jameela Jamil Shows Her “Elastic” Skin as She Opens Up About Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Jameela Jamil took to Instagram during Christmas week 2022 to inform her followers about the health condition she lives with. The video shows the “She-Hulk” star pulling the skin on her face outward to demonstrate its elasticity as she aims to raise awareness about Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), a condition she was diagnosed with at the age of 9.

“Look at that. That is not a filter, that is not an app, that is just my face. Look at how elastic that is,” she says. EDS is a condition that affects the connective tissue supporting skin, joints, and blood vessels in the body. While there are different types, hypermobile EDS (hEDS) is the most common and the type Jamil lives with. She details some of the symptoms that can occur and stresses the importance of getting a diagnosis.

“I want to talk about it because it’s a really serious condition and it impacts every single part of your body and it even affects your mind,” she explains. “It’s very dangerous to not know you have it if you have it.” This is of particular importance during pregnancy to ensure all doctors are aware of the condition. Jamil urges her fans to see a rheumatologist if they bruise easily or take a long time to heal. “It makes you clumsier, sometimes it makes your joints swell, sometimes it means that you dislocate, it means your teeth are harder to work on,” she outlines. Jamil adds that migraines are a symptom, as is a predisposition to neurodivergence, the ability to develop random allergies to things — which is why she always carries an EpiPen with her, just in case — and being prone to fainting.

“I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs as I’m worried about the fact I’m already at a huge disadvantage with my health,” she says. For some, the condition is relatively mild, but for others, the symptoms can be debilitating. While there is no specific treatment, it is possible to manage symptoms with healthcare professionals. “Girls” star Lena Dunham also suffers with EDS, speaking about flare-ups in 2019.

Jamil has previously spoken about her EDS diagnosis as well as being in a car crash and having a cancer scare. As a result, cruel trolls online accused her of having Munchausen’s syndrome, a condition in which someone fabricates symptoms of illnesses. Jamil tweeted at the time she was tired of the bullying over her health. She has since chosen to ignore this social media bullying in a bid to help others with the same condition.

Jamil captioned her video, addressing her past revelations. “Sorry I don’t talk about this more often,” she wrote. “The internet made fun of me over my health problems and it made me suicidal for a while. But they are just a bunch of ignorant arseholes who haven’t a hundredth of our strength, they can’t imagine surviving what we survive, so they choose to gaslight us about it all instead. I’m done not talking to the people who MATTER about this hugely important subject because a bunch of people lucky to have good health, have no souls. Let’s raise awareness on this subject together, and save some motherfucking lives!”

If you or anyone you know recognizes these symptoms or is looking for support with EDS, The Ehlers-Danlos Society has a free helpline, which you can email or call at 248-716-8336.

Image Source: Getty / Marla Aufmuth / Contributor

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