Jesse Palmer Reveals the Parenting Advice He Got From Gerry Turner

Jesse Palmer Reveals the Parenting Advice He Got From Gerry Turner

Jesse Palmer is getting ready for fatherhood with some help from his Bachelor Nation pals. ET spoke with the Bachelor franchise host following his August announcement that he and his wife, Emely, are expecting their first child, and he revealed that Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner shared some parenting words of wisdom with him.

“Gerry thinks I’m going to be a really good dad, so that means a lot coming from him,” Jesse told ET of the dad of two. “His best piece of advice was just to be present, be around, take in every moment, don’t take anything for granted, tell my wife every single day that I love her, and just appreciate the chaos for what it is.”

It’s not just Gerry that’s offered up parenting advice to Jesse. The host noted that the ladies of The Golden Bachelor have also been there to provide some support.

“It’s actually been one of the really unique things about hosting Golden, was that I was getting a lot of advice in love and also on parenting,” Jesse said. “I was getting it from Gerry and I was getting it from the women as well. They all had me on the edge of my seat during these conversations. I was taking a lot of mental notes. It’s a very good group of people to lean on throughout all of this.”

When Jesse isn’t preparing to be a dad, he’s focused on leading Bachelor Nation as the inaugural season of The Golden Bachelor airs, along with season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise.

“I think Gerry’s very compelling. He’s obviously someone who has lived a lot of life; he’s loved, he’s lost. He’s got a story that I think is very heartwarming,” Jesse said of why the senior spinoff has been a hit. “He’s mature. He’s emotionally mature. He’s very good at expressing himself. He wears his heart on his sleeve. I think he’s a guy that’s very easy to root for.”

As for the drama on the beach, Jesse teased even more surprises to come on the final two episodes of the season.

“There have been a lot of familiar faces that have arrived to the beach. There are a few more surprises in store, people that are going to be showing up,” Jesse told. “We also have a wedding, which I’m really excited for people to see… It’s a full-circle moment that I think is really going to surprise people and bring a smile to people’s faces when they see that. It was one of the more happier moments that I can remember since I’ve been hosting. It’s going to be really, really special and really exciting.”

The Golden Bachelor will air its season finale on Nov. 30, and be followed by the penultimate season 9 episode of Bachelor in Paradise.



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