John Boyega Called to Tell Me All about His Onesies

John Boyega Called to Tell Me All about His Onesies

Welcome to the Friday Night Phone Call series, where we conduct a cheeky, little-bit-flirty after-hours interview with a celebrity of our choosing and ask them all the hard-hitting questions, like “What are you wearing right now?” and “Candles, yea or nay?” Even more challenging? We do it all in 30 minutes. Thank us later.

This interview was conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strike.

I mean, what is there to say about John Boyega that hasn’t already been said? But here’s my best attempt to add something new to the narrative: On top of being an extremely accomplished actor with credits in Star Wars movies and BAFTA, Critics Choice, and Golden Globe awards sitting on his shelves, the 31-year-old is very, very good on the phone. Like, almost too good. I know because he was incredibly game for this thing we do, where we call up famous people and ask them totally random and borderline-naughty questions about their personal lives. And then we go ahead and share every word with you. Read his answers while imagining a British accent that will have you looking up flights to London.

John! Hello! First and most important question: What are you wearing when you’re trying to be your comfiest, like maybe as you take this very call?

A onesie. I’ve got seven pairs, for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday….I get out of the shower, moisturize, and jump straight into it. One of them was given to me by my mum for Christmas. Because yes, my mum still gives me things like jumpers and onesies for Christmas.

They are truly a year-round item. What other essentials do you need to keep the cozy vibe going?

I’ve got a truckload of candles. I like sweet scents in my house. I like to keep the main areas quite peaceful and feminine. A feminine scent makes everyone comfortable. It can’t be as hard and boyish as my man cave.

I imagine you carry that mentality into dates. What’s happening during a roman-tic night in at your place?

We’ll play the arcade for a bit, get some competitive energy going. After that, we’ll order something, I’ll disguise myself to go outside and pick up food from Uber Eats, and we’ll go to the cinema room and watch a movie and cuddle.

What if the person who came over says they’ve literally never played a video game before in their life?

I’m the teaching type. Especially if it’s somebody that you’re interested in, I like to show that I’m adaptable. And it ends up being fun. And they may end up being better than me and that’s when I have to stop them right there. They can’t be beating me in my own house!

Maybe that just proves that you’re an excellent teacher—that the student can become the teacher.

I think I’ve done well. When they start having fun, it’s another thing that we can mutually share in.

That and the cuddles, obviously. Cuddles are also for sharing.

John’s new movie, They Cloned Tyrone, is streaming on Netflix on July 21.

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