JR Robinson Says He and Tamar Braxton Have Reconciled

JR Robinson Says He and Tamar Braxton Have Reconciled

Tamar Braxton and her former fiancé, Jeremy “JR” Robinson, have reconciled after calling it quits earlier this year, according to him.

On Monday, Robinson took to Instagram to share a message of gratefulness for the couple’s reunion and apologize to “anyone that I hurt” during their split.

“How deep is your love? How deep is the connection that God provided the way for? How do you handle adversity, heartbreak and healing? Well, I can testify that love hurts, love is beautiful and love is God’s gift to our hearts,” Robinson began his lengthy Instagram caption. “But what are we willing to sacrifice and are we willing to fight for it? Are we willing to not give up on our partners no matter what happens? Are we willing to set aside our own egos to protect what is still left of our love?”

He continued, “Lots of questions, but the answer is: I had to fight hard to push past the hurt, and past my own ego, because God kept bringing me back to how much I love @tamarbraxton – and yet, I still needed to heal to see the beauty of our love. At times, I was angry, I was mad with her and so while I was single – I took advantage of people who were ultimately trying to take advantage of me with a singular goal in mind. Hurt people, hurt people.”

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“And for that, I take accountability for wanting her to feel some of my pain. The truth is, it really just hurt me in the long run and my healing was what was needed,” the personal injury lawyer wrote. “I’ve never been one to shy away from sharing and being accountable for my highs and my lows. While I was healing I couldn’t possibly want to be with anyone else, but I’m sure people can resonate with also not wanting to be alone. For anyone that I hurt, I’m sorry.”

He concluded his caption on a joyful note, writing, “I’m grateful that God saw fit to protect what was truly made for me and that we were able to find our way back to love. I am incredibly touched by how much she fought for me! I’m committed to loving this woman forever and I appreciate all the love and support that have come from our family, friends and supporters!”

While Braxton hasn’t shared a similar post, she hasn’t hidden Robinson’s reappearance in her life in her Instagram posts. The lawyer makes a brief cameo in a video shared to the 46-year-old singer’s page on Monday, in which the Braxton family and friends have gathered to celebrate her sister, Trina’s, birthday.

In the video, Robinson can be seen speaking with a group of men before Braxton shifts the camera, and later she calls for “Jay” to get ready to head home with her and her 10-year-old son, Logan. 

The couple got engaged on the finale of Peacock’s Queen’s Court, and in October, Robinson announced that he and Braxton had split, telling his followers that he had decided to end their relationship.

While Robinson acknowledged the public’s curiosity surrounding their breakup, he made it clear that the details of what transpired would remain private. He clarified several rumors in his statement, denying any infidelity and disassociating himself from the burglary incident that occurred at the home of the singer’s mother, Evelyn. Furthermore, he emphasized that his involvement with the Peacock dating show, Queens Court, and his subsequent relationship with Braxton were not driven by a desire for fame.

Despite the end of their romantic relationship, Robinson expressed his intention to maintain a lasting friendship with Braxton, referring to her as “family for life.” He also expressed gratitude to their supporters for respecting their privacy during this challenging time.

While Braxton isn’t sharing details on her love life yet, she is opening up about what to expect in her musical future.

ET spoke to the singer backstage at the 2023 Soul Train Awards, where she gushed about being on the road for her Love and War 10th Anniversary tour. Braxton praised her fans for being so involved in her career over the years, saying, “[The album] was such a staple, not just in my life but, you know, the fans that participated in it.”

“And for us to come together and remember where we were when certain songs came out, and how we felt and what we were going through, and to know that we made it over… and some of us are still stuck there,” she added, laughing. “But it’s a beautiful, wonderful healing place. We can laugh, we dance, we cry, and we work on [being] better people. So I’m just really blessed every night to be a part of it.”

The tour is a great buildup before the singer’s next project, which she doesn’t reveal too much about but shares that she is working on it when asked what’s next on her list.

“I don’t know so many things. I’m doing a new album and I just dropped a Christmas song [recently]. I really do feel like I’m living my best life, and I’m so comfortable with who I am,” the mom of one declared. “And whatever comes my way, I welcome it in positivity.” 

It’s a revitalized attitude from the former daytime talk show host, who says those vibes will be present in the upcoming album. 

“It’s the transparent version of, you know, Tamar. 2.0,” she told ET, referring to her debut album released in 2000. “A lot of people remember me as being the sister on Braxton Family Values, who often gave her unsolicited advice. But this one is the grown-up. I’m in control of my emotions and conversations, and I give my perspective on my life this time.”


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