Julia Fox’s Translucent Boots Are Lined With Unwrapped Condoms

Julia Fox’s Translucent Boots Are Lined With Unwrapped Condoms

Los Angeles was all sunshine on May 11, and Julia Fox made sure to apply an extra layer of protection against the, er, heat. During a springtime stroll, Fox casually debuted a head-to-toe outfit lined with unwrapped condoms. On her hands, she kept the latex theme going with an unnerving pair of gloves that were almost an exact match for her skin tone. The full ensemble featured a translucent tube top, a white miniskirt, vinyl boots, and a clear, condom-studded handbag that Fox first debuted in February.

While the entire outfit was sure to turn heads on the suburban LA streets, Fox’s boots were the star of the show. The shoes consisted of a pair of black peep-toe heels affixed with a transparent strap. On each leg, the heels were fitted with flared, vinyl covers, reminiscent of rainboots. The knee-high covers were stitched in a grid-like pattern, with a single condom sitting squarely in the center of each section. Other celebrities who have worn controversial shoe trends in recent months include Rita Ora in thong boots, Jennifer Lopez in translucent platforms, and Tracee Ellis Ross in a risky pair of asymmetrical heels.

A day earlier, on May 10, Fox appeared in an equally unique corset and miniskirt set made entirely out of recycled trash. The artist for that look, Anna Molinari, created it using metro cards, receipts, plastic convenience store bags, candy wrappers, and even soda can tabs. According to Molinari, the skirt alone took her “all three ‘Magic Mikes’ and a season of ‘Below Deck'” to complete. Fox styled the outfit with a black leather shrug jacket, sunglasses, and knee-high boots with silver ring accents.

Fox’s condom-inspired outfit isn’t as unprecedented as you might think. In February, Diesel unveiled a 200,000-count condom mountain at Milan Fashion Week. The playful fashion moment earned mixed reactions from fans, but Fox seems to be fully in favor of bringing contraceptives to the style spotlight.

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