Julia Roberts Reveals the ‘Hardest Drug’ She’s Ever Taken

Julia Roberts Reveals the ‘Hardest Drug’ She’s Ever Taken

Shout-out to Julia Roberts, who did not “Plead the Fifth” when asked about “the hardest drug” she’s ever taken!

During Thursday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, the Oscar winner participated in the popular segment “Plead the Fifth,” in which guests are asked three precarious questions but are only allowed to plead the fifth to one of the questions.

Host Andy Cohen first asked the Leave the World Behind star to name her least favorite Housewife. Roberts didn’t know her name but she went with the one who went to prison, referring to Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah, who is currently behind bars serving a 6.5-year prison sentence for her involvement in a money laundering scheme.  

“I just said that because she’s gone,” Roberts quipped. “I feel safe.”

The next question — “What is the hardest drug you ever tried?”

Without hesitation, Roberts answered, “Mushrooms.”

Cohen then asked her if it was a positive, to which Roberts replied, “Yeah, it was nice. Not gonna lie. Kids, don’t try it at home!”

Roberts then immediately pleaded the fifth when Cohen asked her to rank three of her movies from favorite to least favorite. The movies? Pretty Woman, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Notting Hill. All classics, of course.

In the same episode, Roberts was asked by a caller if she regretted passing on any roles over the course of her storied career. 

“None that I have regrets about, ’cause I think it’s all kind of destiny,” she explained, but added that two big parts she passed on were in You’ve Got Mail and The Last of the Mohicans — presumably in the roles that went to Meg Ryan and Madeleine Stowe, respectively. 

That being said, Roberts dished that she nabbed a part originally intended for Ryan. 

“There are things that you don’t get, like Meg Ryan was supposed to be in Steel Magnolias, and she was still filming When Harry Met Sally and so I got that part,” Roberts reflected. “Cate Blanchett was supposed to be in Closer but then she got pregnant so I got that part. So I’ve lucked into some good stuff.”


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