Jupiter Retrograde Is Showing You How Much You’ve Grown in 2021


Are you ready for Jupiter Retrograde??? Don’t worry—it’s nothing like Mercury Retrograde. The planet of growth, luck, and expansion will be moving backwards from June 20 to October 18. When over-indulgent, intelligent, and gift-giving Jupiter—sometimes called the “Great Benefic”—goes retrograde, we are called to reflect on the areas of our lives where expansion has been gifted, so we can check in on the meaning of the experiences.

This time, Jupiter Retrograde is moving backwards through both Pisces AND Aquarius (switching signs on July 28), taking us back to the lessons we learned mid-spring. Read below for what you should be re-aligning with in order to grow into your best phase of life.

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Read your Sun/Rising horoscope for Jupiter Retrograde:


You’ve been spending more time alone lately, but it’s time to apply what you’ve learned to the people you share community with. A check-in with the right connection can bring big gifts your way.


You’ve been doing a lot more hanging out lately, which your friends appreciate. But now your work life is taking center stage again, and you’re revisiting some previous career achievements.


You’ve been feeling very confident lately. It’s time to reconsider some past goals that you didn’t complete because you were playing small. Don’t doubt yourself.


Achievement has been so sweet for you. You’ve learned so many big lessons about the world, but you’ve also learned a lot about yourself. Does what you know liberate you?


You’ve begun to learn lessons about your ego, and the start of this may be within an intimate relationship. Spend time with the right people—they have gifts for you.


You’ve gained some new relationships in your life, but now it’s time to focus on your health and routines more closely. You can’t serve everyone if you don’t take care of yourself.


Your daily grind has shifted. Exactly how depends on whether you’ve included more of your passions in your everyday life. Now, it’s time to revisit old projects.


Something or someone has struck a chord with you. Think about what you need from yourself so you can healthily receive the longing you have for partnership with lovers.

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There’s been a lot of growth in your inner life and home lately. Now, it’s time to make sure that you’ve been speaking up for yourself appropriately with everyone you interact with regularly—including yourself.


As you’ve begun speaking up for yourself, you’ve seen how easy it is to reach those you want or need. Now, it’s time to revisit your financial growth and see where you can get what you deserve.


You’ve been feeling more self-worth recently—and you’ve also realized how small you felt for so long. Now that you’re more aware of the space you take up, how will you walk in it?


You’ve been afforded a lot of internal growth this year. Now, it’s time to check in and make sure that this inner knowledge is being applied to the world outside. Are you giving yourself enough?

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