Katy Perry’s Haircut Features 2 Divisive Trends

Katy Perry’s Haircut Features 2 Divisive Trends

Image Source: Getty/Eric McCandless / Contributor

Katy Perry is never too far behind on a trend — especially if it’s hairstyle-related. On April 25, the singer posted a behind-the-scenes peek at her look for the latest episode of “American Idol” and spoiler alert: it was nothing short of a masterpiece. Complemented by sea-green eyeshadow that matched her dress perfectly, it was equal parts edgy and chic.

Perry’s hair, which was done by celebrity stylist Peter Lux, featured chic micro bangs as well as what Lux calls a “tassel” ponytail. Also known as baby bangs, her fringe was choppy and had a slightly layered finish. The rest of Perry’s hair was slicked back into a high ponytail to serve as the base for her intricate updo. A take on the flipped bun trend previously seen on Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox, the ends of Perry’s ponytail were flipped, almost forming a top knot. However, instead of tucking them in, Lux let the two sections of hair hang freely and gave them a blunt cut for a geometric finish.

Micro bangs are a head-turning hairstyle that feels particularly well-suited for the upcoming summer months. The cut usually falls somewhere between your hairline and eyebrows and can be paired with anything from a sleek bob to a shag. Perry’s hairstyle manages to marry two controversial trends in one for a completely unique, fashion-forward look. See it for yourself ahead.

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