Keke Palmer Struggling to Take Out Her Faux Locs Is All of Us

Keke Palmer Struggling to Take Out Her Faux Locs Is All of Us

Keke Palmer has never been more relatable than she is now as she attempts to make her latest hair change. On Aug. 8, the actor begged her followers for help in removing her faux locs.

“I’m about to scream,” the original tweet read, which she re-shared on her Instagram Stories. “I have been taking my hair down for two days straight.” After explaining that she was on the verge of tears, the actor went on to ask for any and all tips that could help make the process easier. “No, like seriously, I feel trapped, help!”

Faux locs are notoriously hard to remove and it is the reason why some people avoid them. Influencer Lala Milan also chronicled her struggle with removing the style, sharing that she ended up cutting a patch of hair out in the process. Still, despite these trials, faux locs are a gorgeous protective hairstyle that keeps your natural hair out of the way and makes daily styling a breeze. For that reason, many people get loc extensions or just keep their faux locs in for an extended period, as the style looks extremely natural and is super low maintenance.

For what it’s worth, Palmer looked incredible in her locs while they lasted. Should you be ready to give them a try for yourself, take some inspiration from a few of her photos below.

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