Kylie Jenner Reveals She and Jordyn Woods Always Stayed in Touch

Kylie Jenner Reveals She and Jordyn Woods Always Stayed in Touch

Some bonds truly can’t be broken!

In a new conversation with Jennifer Lawrence for Interview Magazine, Kylie Jenner gets candid about the status of her friendship with Jordyn Woods.

In 2019, the besties had a public falling out after Woods a was spotted kissing Khloe Kardashian’s then-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. Today, things are all good. In fact, according to the Kardashians star, the two never lost contact with each other. 

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“Jordyn and I, we always stayed in touch throughout the years and we would meet up at my house and catch up and just talk through everything,” the 26-year-old says. “We never fully cut each other off, and one day, naturally, we were like, we want to get sushi and we don’t want to hide anymore,” she adds, referencing their reunion that was captured in July

According to Jenner, who was friends with Woods from childhood, the incident forced them to grow apart before coming back together as friends. 

“There’s a learning lesson in everything, and I think that in a weird way, everything happens how it’s supposed to happen,” Jenner says. “We were so attached at the hip that we needed space to grow into the people that we were supposed to be. I needed that independence and that confidence because she was like my security blanket for so long.”

“I get that and I’m happy that you still have that in a healthier way. She was so young and she made a mistake, but those lifetime friends are very important,” Lawrence says. 

“Yeah, I agree,” Jenner adds. 

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Jenner and Woods’ friendship began in eighth grade. Prior to ending their friendship in 2019, the BFFs were a staple in each others lives. The duo’s friendship was documented on E!’s 2017 reality TV series, Life With Kylie. Woods was also on hand to celebrate major Kardashian family events, including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding. Jenner was also there for Woods when her father died following a battle with cancer. Woods also knew about Jenner’s secret first pregnancy. 

In July, the pair reunited for a sushi outing. In September, the duo appeared in a TikTok that documented their time together in New York for Fashion Week. 

Jenner also opened up about the aftermath of Woods kissing Thompson during a recent episode of The Kardashians. As the NBA player — who was involved in multiple cheating scandals during his relationship with Khloé — worked to make amends with the family, he sat down for a conversation with Jenner. 

“Everyone got affected differently but I think you were affected the most by the situation with losing a sister basically,” he told Jenner. “You lost Jordyn, who was a big part of your life. I know how much she meant to your life and your guys’ connection, you guys were like two peas in a pod. So the fact that I put myself and her in a situation that wasn’t right, and wasn’t smart, made it tough for you and Khloé.”

Jenner forgave Thompson and shared that she and Woods had moved on. 

“I think I was so co-dependent with Jordyn that I could’ve never imagined my life without her,” Jenner told Thompson. “We would’ve probably still been living together, and I think she needed to grow without me, I needed to grow without her. But you know, Jordyn and I are cool. We still talk and catch up, we’re good.”


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