Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf Tear Up Watching ‘Party of Five’ Clips

Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf Tear Up Watching ‘Party of Five’ Clips

It’s a Party of Two as ET exclusively reunites Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf!

The pair, who played siblings on the beloved family drama Party of Five back in the ’90s, are co-stars once again in the upcoming Hallmark holiday movie, A Merry Scottish Christmas. But don’t worry, there’s no love in the air between their characters.

“We should be clear: no one was less interested in seeing us play romantic interests than we were,” Wolf said with a laugh. “We knew from the very beginning that this would be a sibling story.”

“You have been my sister since we did that show together and you always will be,” he told Chabert. “So getting a chance to tell a story where you’re still my sister, but in a whole new sort of magical world and different set of circumstances was really incredible and I hope we do it a thousand times.”

Chabert agreed, saying that she’s been hoping to work with Wolf again since they wrapped Party of Five‘s sixth and final season in 2000.

“Obviously we are so close in real life and have kept in touch all these years, but to be able to be on set again and to be able to have this experience today of being here talking about it, it’s just a dream come true,” she marveled.

Chabert and Wolf played sister and brother Claudia and Bailey Salinger on the Fox drama, alongside Matthew Fox, who played oldest brother Charlie, Neve Campbell who played middle sister Julia and a rotating cast of co-stars as their baby brother, Owen.

When asked whether or not they thought Campbell and Fox would be jealous of their ET reunion, the co-stars shared a laugh.

“I would probably say not jealous, but happy,” Wolf imagined.

Chabert agreed, noting that Campbell was one of the first to comment on an Instagram photo she posted with Wolf about their movie reunion.

“When you’re cast in something, you don’t know if you’re gonna get along. You don’t know if you’re gonna hit it off. I feel like from the moment they said you’re our Salingers in that room and told us that we got the job on the spot, we were all forever connected,” she reflected.

The pair got extra emotional as they watched some ET clips from back in their Party of Five days.

“That totally got me,” Chabert gushed. “That’s so sweet, it brings me right back.”

“We’ve been talking about how special that time was, and to see us off camera that way, I mean that’s just beautiful,” Wolf agreed.

So, do they ever think about getting the gang back together for a reunion or reboot?

“I would want to know what they’re up to,” Chabert said of the Salinger family, leaving the door open.

“There was definitely something about the way Party of Five resonated with the audience that when people come up and talk about it, it’s like it was on last Wednesday,” Wolf agreed. “I would love to see what the Salingers are up to. I think they look great, that much I know, just don’t know what they’re doing.”

Until then, Salinger fans can tide themselves over with A Merry Scottish Christmas, which Wolf teased includes some Party of Five Easter eggs, like “little bits of dialogue, names, places that you will recognize.”

All in all, the co-stars said they had “the best” time being back together onscreen and filming in Scotland.

“[When] we first got there, we were both so jet lagged,” Chabert recalled. “We talked about how we had been up all night… and I didn’t even feel tired, ’cause I was just so happy to be there with you and it was so surreal to me.”

“It may have taken 23 years,” she added with a laugh. “But here we are, and every moment was special to me.”

A Merry Scottish Christmas premieres Nov. 18 on Hallmark.


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