Le Labo’s New Lavande 31 Is Unlike Any Lavender You’ve Smelled Before

Le Labo’s New Lavande 31 Is Unlike Any Lavender You’ve Smelled Before

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While lavender is a lovely smell, it’s not necessarily something I find particularly sexy. It’s not the first thing I would think of to spritz on as a perfume — it’s typically relegated to candles, soaps, and drawer sachets. To me, it’s slightly old-fashioned. So when I first heard that the newest edition to Le Labo’s classic collection would be a lavender perfume, I was a bit perplexed. That said, Le Labo is my most beloved perfumery (all my everyday signature scents are Le Labo) so I held back my judgement until I could actually get my hands on it.

When I did smell Le Labo Lavande 31 Eau de Parfum ($230), I have to say I let out an “ohh!” of surprise and delight. Yes, this fragrance is undoubtedly lavender-heavy, but, in true Le Labo fashion, it totally reinvents what you’d normally consider a lavender scent. Keep reading for my full thoughts on this new addition to the category.

About Le Labo Lavande 31

  • The eau de parfum comes in six sizes, ranging from a sample size to a 500 ml bottle.
  • All Le Labo perfumes are refillable.
  • Lavande 31 is the newest perfume to be added to the brand’s Classic Collection.

What I Like About Le Labo Lavande 31

What I like about this fragrance might be a little confusing — essentially, I like that lavender takes kind of a backseat to other elements. When combined with bergamot and neroli essential oils — which are admittedly my two favorite fragrance notes, other than jasmine — the lavender becomes more fresh than skew syrupy-sweet as it often can be. Something I also typically don’t like about lavender fragrances is the powdery note; the sharp, hit-you-in-the-back-of-the-nose-ness of both bergamot and neroli work to combat any hints of grandma’s powder box.

Lavande 31 is also set apart from the traditional lavender pack when given the classic Le Labo treatment — undertones of amber, musk, and tonka. I found that after letting the fragrance settle onto my skin, those warmer notes really came to the forefront.

And since I’m a Leo I also must note how many compliments I’ve gotten while wearing Lavande 31 (attention, yay). Most comments started with, “What . . . is that scent you’re wearing?” Followed by, “I’ve never smelled anything like that before.” The proof is in the lavender pudding, as they say.

Is the Le Labo Lavande 31 Fragrance Worth the Splurge?

At $230 for a 50 ml bottle, I would definitely consider this fragrance — and all of Le Labo’s options — to be a luxury perfume. That said, I do think Lavande 31 is a pretty unique fragrance — I’ve truly never smelled a lavender-based perfume quite like it. I also think it lasts quite a long time on the body, so you get a good bang for your buck per spritz.


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