Lenny Kravitz Gets Completely Naked for Steamy New ‘TK421’ Music Video

Lenny Kravitz Gets Completely Naked for Steamy New ‘TK421’ Music Video

Lenny Kravitz is leaving little to the imagination as he gets naked and rocks out in his new “TK421” music video. The 59-year-old artist flaunts his washboard abs and bare backside as he seizes the day, rolling out of bed for a shower, dancing around his room, gyrating, smoking and — of course — showing off his skills on the guitar in the Tanu Muino-directed visual. 

“TK421” pays tribute to Star Wars, with the title referring to an Imperial stormtrooper who was stationed onboard the Death Star in George Lucas’ iconic film. That phrase is also cheekily included in the film Boogie Nights, which was set in 1977 — the same year Star Wars was released. 

The song’s inspiration and lyrical significance is hardly the key takeaway here, as all eyes are undoubtedly on Kravitz’s eye-popping physique while toes are tapping to the catchy beat. The four-time GRAMMY winner delivers his unmistakable vocals alongside funk guitars, synths and a saxophone solo. 

“TK421” serves as the first single off Kravitz’s 12th studio album, Blue Electric Light, due out on March 15. It will be the star’s first release in five years and his first-ever double LP. A press release for the project states that Kravitz created and recorded the album in his studio in the Bahamas, writing and playing most of the instruments himself along with longtime guitarist Craig Ross. 

See the music video below. 

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Back in January, Kravitz’s bum made headlines once again when he stripped down for the new year and bared it all in a skinny-dipping photo.

In the Instagram post, the artist was thigh-deep in water, facing away from the camera and wearing no clothes. Only the left half of his body was visible in the camera’s frame, the rest of the shot featuring open water and a horizon of land in the distance. 

“New birth,” Kravitz captioned the pensive post.

Last year, the rocker joked with ET about the time that daughter Zoe Kravitz and her boyfriend, Channing Tatum, commented on his posts with questions about whether he intended to audition for Magic Mike 3

“Well I figured, you know, your boyfriend might give me a job,” he cracked, acknowledging that he “missed the boat” on the franchise’s third installment. 

“There’s always the number four,” he joked at the time. Unfortunately, however, Magic Mike’s Last Dance is expected to be the final piece of the franchise. 

Giving ET some insight into his health routine, Lenny said that he keeps his signature abs in shape by eating “really well.” 

“I eat clean,” he shared. “I do take care of my body — my mind, my spirit, all of it. It’s all important to keep moving in this life.”


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