Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope


If a relationship shifts into the slow lane this Wednesday, September 28, don’t panic. This is not necessarily a bad thing—especially if you’ve been exceeding the speed limit! As impulsive Mars in Gemini harmonizes with restrained, future-oriented Saturn in your seventh house of committed unions, it’s best to tap the brakes. Downshift and assess the situation with clearer eyes. If anything, this gives you a chance to figure out where you are, where you want to be, and how to chart a more realistic course. Even solid unions can veer in unplanned directions…which isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. It’s just important that you communicate to stay aligned and connected. Single? Honesty and transparency are good opening gambits. If you sense someone isn’t on the same wavelength, address this directly. Got a professional venture in the pipeline? Candor and clarity can bring major peace of mind, plus you’ll learn a lot about this person by how they react!

Your social season begins in earnest—and shifts into overdrive—this Thursday, as enchantress Venus saunters into Libra and your community-spirited third house until October 23. Hygge season, uh, what’s that? Your calendar will fill up quickly with parties, cultural events, workshops and weekend excursions. You could be at the hub of multiple friend circles during this short-but-intense phase. With your natural leadership qualities, you won’t mind when people turn to you to pick venues and activities. The third house is associated with local goings-on, and if you’ve been hoping to become more of a fixture in your area, here’s your chance. Find “your” venues and invite everyone to join you for happy hour karaoke, sound baths, book signings… And don’t be a stranger. Introduce yourself to the owners and explore synergies. Who knows? You might want to host an event of your own or for a friend’s project. And what’s better than promoting that AND a nearby mom-and-pop shop?

Venus is the planet of love and romance, but during this casual spin, you may prefer to keep things light. FWB or a fall fling might be just the thing. Couples may experience a case of relationship ennui. The grass could look a whole lot greener on the other side of the fence. Before you dabble, talk it out. There’s no “right” or “wrong” here, but honest communication will always be the cornerstone of lasting unions.


Keep a close watch on funds as Mercury rounds out the final six days of its retrograde. It’s not that you should go on a wild spending spree when the messenger planet corrects course this Sunday, October 2. But with Mercury powering forward through Virgo and your fiscally savvy second house through October 10, you have a blessed opportunity to review your financial habits—and radar in on some fresh income streams. This seasonal retrograde actually began in Libra and your social sector on September 9, but once it moved into Virgo on September 23, it may have brought some unexpected money drama. Before Sunday, take one last backward glance at overindulgences and missed opportunities. Everyone has regrets, Leo, but there really is no point in crying over spilled oat milk. Distract your discerning self with simple pleasures: wholesome home-cooked meals, scented candles, long Zoom calls with old friends.

Since retrogrades are ideal for reconnecting to people and ideas from the past, you and a former colleague might decide to revive an idea you put on a back burner a year or more ago. And rather than gripe about your tightened purse strings, enjoy the process of setting goals, making sacrifices in their name and then looking forward to savoring them (they’ll be twice as sweet)! Don’t call it “deprivation” but perhaps “planting solid seeds for the future.” 

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