Ludacris Confirms His Daughters Listen to His Music — the Clean Versions, of Course

Ludacris Confirms His Daughters Listen to His Music — the Clean Versions, of Course

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Chris Bridges, known by most as Ludacris, holds many titles — Grammy-winning rapper, actor, producer, and author — but nothing fills his cup quite like being a girl dad. The father of four has been leaning all the way in on his family-man status the past few years, launching the KidNation entertainment platform, releasing an animated Netflix series called “Karma’s World,” and, most recently, teaming up with Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats for a fun partnership.

Ludacris worked with the snack brand to create a limited-edition kit for family game night, which is his favorite way to spend time with daughters Karma, Cai, Cadence, and Chance. “We play so many games,” Ludacris tells POPSUGAR of the Bridges brood. “There are a lot of games that are parents vs. kids, and you just get to learn so much about each other. . . . It’s games all day.”

His new Treat. Eat. Compete. set includes five kid-friendly games that incorporate Rice Krispies Treats bars, such as Stick the Landing, Unicorn Duel, and Wrapper Rhymes, the last of which he played with Cai and Cadence in a recent TikTok video. “I’m just trying to bring fun back into game night and snack time in a world where there’s so many distractions going on and you just want that family unit having fun and learning about each other to come back together,” the “Fast X” star says.


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Though Ludacris is most known for his chart-topping rap hits, the multihyphenate has been focusing his energy on family-centric projects lately, such as the Mattel toy collection he released last summer. His children are the driving force behind this career pivot. “My kids inspire me. You stop thinking about yourself when you have kids, and you start thinking about their generation,” he says. “However my life is evolving, I let that be the catalyst to inspire me and what I should do next. . . . Whereas other rappers might not embrace it so much doing certain things publicly, I’m the exact opposite. I want to move in the direction that I feel like the Most High is trying to move me in.”

Still, the 45-year-old’s daughters are quite familiar with his discography and frequently listen to his music — the clean versions, of course. Their current favorite song is a 2004 single from his album “The Red Light District.” “Right now, they like ‘Get Back’ because they’ve seen that video and I have those big arms, so they think it’s the silliest and coolest thing at the same time,” he says. “It changes all the time, but they really like ‘Get Back.'” (The “big arms” he’s referring to are in the track’s music video, which features Ludacris with comically large CGI muscles.)

“Teaching discipline and self-esteem is extremely important in a day like today.”

Maintaining a fun, friendly relationship with his daughters is paramount for Ludacris. When asked if there’s a parenting philosophy he and wife Eudoxie Bridges live by, he responds, “It’s riding that line between being someone they can talk to as a friend but also making sure that you’re being a great parent and teaching them morals, principles, and standards. Teaching discipline and self-esteem is extremely important in a day like today.”

Ludacris’s new Treat. Eat. Compete. game set is available for $20 on while supplies last. All proceeds from each purchase will support Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

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