Margot Robbie Gives a Full Tour of the “Surreal” Live-Action “Barbie” Dreamhouse

Margot Robbie Gives a Full Tour of the “Surreal” Live-Action “Barbie” Dreamhouse

Just one month before the theatrical release of Greta Gerwig’s live-action Barbie movie, Margot Robbie gave a full tour of the Dreamhouse. In an Architectural Digest video shared on June 16, the actor offered an inside look at the life-size dollhouse constructed with playtime in mind.

“Even though it’s fake, it’s really beautiful.”

“It was pretty incredible seeing the set for the first time,” Robbie said during the tour. “It was kind of surreal because I’d spent so long looking at the miniatures, and the models, and the drawings, and the design of what it was going to look like. Then when you see it firsthand, in real life, it’s all there and it was really exciting.”

Like the toy it’s designed after, the all-pink Dreamhouse is completely open-concept, omitting walls to showcase the living room, breakfast nook, bar, and pool area all at once. The house also features a kitchen stocked with plastic food containers and 2D decals printed with everything from ketchup to a two-tier cake stacked with whipped cream. “Not super practical, but nothing is with Barbie,” Robbie said. Other standouts include the bubble bath with perpetually suspended bubbles, a massive Barbie wardrobe, and handmade props that tell the story of Barbie’s evolution from the late ’50s through today.

The true showpiece of the house, though, is the swirling slide that connects the upstairs bedroom to the faux pool. “It’s actually funny to see how many people avoid walking [on the pool] — everyone walks around the pool,” Robbie said. “Even though it’s fake, it’s really beautiful, which is kind of like everything in Barbie Land.”

In the video’s comments section, fans of Barbie and Gerwig’s work were quick to express their excitement at seeing the Dreamhouse up close. “They did such an amazing job, my mind just couldn’t wrap around the idea that the houses were actual human size and that everyone hadn’t been shrunk down and put into a toy land!” one YouTube user wrote. Another commenter added, “The dreamhouse came straight out of a fairytale book. It really is something Barbie would want to live in.”

Hit play on the official “Barbie” album, and take a closer look at every inch of Barbie’s life-size Dreamhouse ahead.

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