Mark Wahlberg Recalls Crashing a Frat Party With His Daughter Ella

Mark Wahlberg Recalls Crashing a Frat Party With His Daughter Ella

Mark Wahlberg seems to have a bit of FOMO about skipping his college days.

Wahlberg and his co-star Michelle Monaghan sat down with ET’s Rachel Smith over the weekend while promoting their new film, The Family Plan, in New York City, and the actor reflected on visiting his daughter in college back in September.

“They were having the most fun I’ve ever seen anybody have, ever! Even more than her coming to Vegas,” Wahlberg recalled. “I was at the frat house and, you know, a couple of spots in town.

“It was nuts,” he added with a laugh. “Parents’ weekend was incredible.”

As Wahlberg gained fame at an early age, the actor has been working non-stop since he was a teenager, and has spoken before about how he sometimes regrets not going to college himself. However, he feels his career path would be significantly different if he had.

“I’d still be in college,” Wahlberg joked. “I would still be at the frat house. I’d be a 25th year senior, yeah.”

“the grandfather, the patriarch of the fraternity!” Monaghan quipped.

“Oh, that’s actually another movie idea right there!” Wahlberg replied. “You just gave me a new movie.”

As for their current project, The Family Plan, Wahlberg plays Dan Morgan, a former world-class assassin who leaves that world behind to focus on his wife — played by Monaghan — and kids, who don’t know his secret. When someone from his past comes back to kill him and threaten the life he’s built, he has to take his unsuspecting family on a vacation as an excuse to tie up loose ends.

For Wahlberg, Monaghan was the perfect actress to play his wife — with her talent for blending drama, comedy and action with wit and grace.

“I recommended her right away,” Wahlberg said. “I think it’s a fine line with the action, the comedy and then also you know [my character] being able to keep this secret from his wife and not making it seem like she’s just oblivious to everything.”

For Monaghan, getting to work with Wahlberg was an eagerly accepted opportunity.

“I’ve admired Mark’s work for quite some time and so when I read the script and I had this opportunity, I jumped at the chance,” she said. “I adore him.”

The Family Plan debuts on Apple TV+ on Dec. 15.


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