Mark Wahlberg Says He Is Looking ‘Forward to Playing a Grandfather’

Mark Wahlberg Says He Is Looking ‘Forward to Playing a Grandfather’

Mark Wahlberg says he is not afraid of old age and is embracing taking on older roles. 

While on the set of his new Apple TV+ film, The Family Plan, Wahlberg, 52, said that while he believes other actors of his caliber might be interested in playing younger roles, he could not be more excited to age up. 

“I’m a dad now — embracing my old age, a lot of guys my age in the business would probably say, ‘Well, that character has grown kids or kids in their late teens, I don’t want to play that role.’ I’m embracing that,” the Ted actor said. “I look forward to playing a grandfather soon.” 

The topic came up as the former member of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch was discussing what initially appealed to him about the script for his new film.

“I just thought it was really fun. I think you see a lot of action movies — especially a lot of action comedies — and they don’t have as much character as this one had,” he said. “I thought it was very interesting to find the family dynamic.”

The Family Plan — which also stars Michelle Monaghan and Maggie Q — follows Dan Morgan (Wahlberg), who left his life as a top assassin behind to become a husband and father. While living in an unsuspecting suburb, however, Dan’s past catches up to him and he, his wife (Monaghan), and their three children are forced to fight for their lives. 

You can watch the trailer for the new Apple TV+ original film in the player below: 

Despite the film having a hilarious tone throughout, Wahlberg said viewers who show up for the action side of “action comedy” will not be disappointed in the slightest. He shared that the cast and crew worked incredibly hard to make the stakes feel as real as possible. 

“We wanted to make it feel very real when shooting it practically. We’re putting the actors, including myself, in these situations as much as possible,” he said of the film’s action sequences.

“You want it to feel super cool but also be grounded enough that it’s believable,” he added. “I’ve worked with these guys quite a bit and they are the best at what they do and of course we have assembled the best stunt team and best doubles so we made some very cool action sequences.”

The Family Plan premieres Dec. 15 on Apple TV+.




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