Martha Stewart Making 30 Pies, 20 Lb. Turkey for Thanksgiving

Martha Stewart Making 30 Pies, 20 Lb. Turkey for Thanksgiving

Martha Stewart‘s scaled-back Thanksgiving is looking a lot like a full-fledged event as she has admitted to baking 30 pies and a 20-pound turkey after previously saying she “canceled” the holiday. 

After a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show where the chef, 82, admitted that she had given up on Thanksgiving, she took to Instagram to clear the air about what exactly she meant. 

“It’s not true that I gave up Thanksgiving!,” Stewart wrote in a post. “What I cancelled was the planned gathering at my house due to guest cancellations and travel plans!”

Sitting down with the “Since You Been Gone” singer’s talk show, Stewart said that that nearly 10 of the guests she had planned to welcome for the holiday had canceled due to a sickness going around. 

“I gave up Thanksgiving, I canceled,” Stewart said. “So I decided, I called up my chef friend, and I said ‘We’re not doing Thanksgiving.'” 

She also shared with Clarkson, 41, that after baking some 14 turkeys for her TV show, she was “turkeyed out.”

In her Instagram post on Tuesday, Stewart clarified that her definition of canceling her Thanksgiving plans still included her “prepping to bake thirty pies” and making a “stuffed and roasted 20-pound organic, heritage bird” for a friend’s Thanksgiving party. 

In an Instagram carousel on Wednesday, Stewart shared a glimpse at the plethora of pies she had baked for her friends and family for the holiday. 

“Finally finished two day pie marathon!!! Baked thirty pies Lemon curd, pecan, chocolate pecan, pumpkin and cranberry I haven’t tasted any of them yet but tomorrow I will report on taste and texture and appearance,” Stewart wrote on Instagram, sharing pictures of 21 homemade pies. 

She also made cranberry tarts, lemon tarts, chocolate pecan pies, pecan pies and pumpkin pies for one of the numerous gatherings she said she was planning to visit on the actual holiday. 

Sadly, the businesswoman and author said that another thing that will be different for her celebrations this year is the loss of her chocolate turkey, which broke at some point earlier this year.  

“My colossal chocolate turkey, crafted using my giant antique turkey mold, did not survive storage since October, crumbling into itself,” she wrote. “I am melting the chocolate and using it for the chocolate pecan pies.”

Stewart ended her Tuesday Instagram post by asking friends and followers to send their own Thanksgiving dinner photos to her in the coming days and calling for peace in the world. 

“I hope that soon we will see an improvement in our world’s affairs and that there will be some resolution regarding the Ukraine-Russian conflict, and the Israeli-Palestinian war that is harming so many,” she wrote.

“Our world needs some good news- its people need respite from political, environmental and social conflicts. Let’s hope and pray for peace!”


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