Martin Scorsese’s Daughter Is Turning Him Into a TikTok Star

Martin Scorsese’s Daughter Is Turning Him Into a TikTok Star

Amid the throngs of cringe content flooding TikTok these days, Martin Scorsese has arrived to cleanse the FYP. The “Killers of the Flower Moon” director makes periodic cameos in youngest daughter Francesca’s TikToks, emerging as an unexpected star on the app. Each wholesome clip offers a peek at what life is like with one of America’s greatest filmmakers as your dad, and we must admit it looks pretty entertaining.

Martin and Francesca’s latest collaboration is a one-minute-and-31-second cinematic masterpiece. In a clip shared on Oct. 18, Martin interviews a contender for his next onscreen muse: the family dog, Oscar. (Apt name choice, might we add.) After asking the pup to portray a range of emotions, Martin joyously exclaims, “Brilliant! Brilliant! You’ve got the role.” Fans hyped up Martin’s performance in the comments, joking about logging the video on their Letterboxd. Martin and his 23-year-old daughter have also taken on several popular TikTok challenges together, from the “I have a flea in my hand” trend to guessing the purpose of various cosmetic products.

Martin, 80, shares Francesca with his wife, Helen Morris. He has two other daughters, 47-year-old Domenica and 57-year-old Cathy, whom he shares with previous spouses. Francesca is following in her father’s footsteps, with her directorial debut, “Fish Out of Water,” out this June. She also previously appeared in HBO’s “We Are Who We Are,” “The Departed,” and “The Aviator.” We’re grateful that the father-daughter duo continue blessing the internet with endearing content amid their busy schedules. Here’s to hoping they participate in a dance challenge next.

Keep reading to watch our favorite TikToks Francesca has shared with her famous dad so far.

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