Megan Fox Wears a Completely See-Through Net Dress in Latest Forest Photo Drop

Megan Fox Wears a Completely See-Through Net Dress in Latest Forest Photo Drop

Megan Fox appears to have spent several hours cosplaying as a fairy / wood nymph in a local forrest (living the dream), and is now sharing the content—in all its butterfly-festooned glory—with everyone on Instagram. First she dropped this photo, informing everyone that the forest is her oldest friend:

Then we learned that the trees call her by a name:

Then there was this sheer cottage-core dress moment:

And now we’re up to these inarguably awesome photos of Megan in a see-through black open-knit netted dress—with butterflies in her hair, standing next to a babbling brook.

By the way, if you’re wondering what Machine Gun Kelly thinks of Megan’s forest shoot, he dropped a comment on the first set of pics, writing “If this is what a wild animal looks like, I’d let it maul me.”

Glad to see these two still keeping it cute and moderately horny! Though, according to Entertainment Tonight, MGK and Megan are still working through their recent rough patch in therapy.

As a source told the outlet, they’re “continuing to work through things and still going to couples therapy. Megan is very adamant about keeping that consistent. It’s an absolute necessity for her in order to have them heal and move forward. They are both doing their best to make their relationship work and making an effort.”

And for now, Megan “is trying to keep her personal life out of the public eye as they navigate their next steps. She doesn’t want to draw further attention to their relationship while they are in the healing phase and just focused on each other and their families.”

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