Met Gala Ticket Prices Are Through the Roof and It’s Causing Drama

Met Gala Ticket Prices Are Through the Roof and It’s Causing Drama

The First Monday in May has nearly arrived, and with it the 2023 Met Gala, fashion’s biggest night of the year when flocks of celebrities gather at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in fancy outfits, eat dinner, and definitely don’t break the rules and take selfies in the bathroom. Getting on the Met Gala guest list is extremely coveted for obvious reasons, including but not limited to the fact you get to wear a designer gown and/or chandelier costume if you’re Katy Perry.

But the Met Gala doesn’t come cheap! Tickets are extreeeeemely expensive, and prices go up every year. Here’s who’s footing the bill (hint: not the celebs).

First Up, Can the General Public Buy Tickets to the Met Gala?

😂😂😂😂😂, no. The Met Gala is invitation only, and Anna Wintour is in charge of the guest list…to the point where even if a designer/brand spends the money to buy an entire table, Anna still dictates who they get to invite.

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How Much Do Met Gala Tickets Cost?

Tickets are reportedly selling for $50,000 a pop this year—and if you want to buy an entire table, it’ll set you back $300,000. But there are a ton of perks that come with a ticket, like an early look at the museum exhibit, cocktails, dinner, and access to the most exclusive party of the year.

The thing is, 2023 Met Gala tickets are more expensive than ever before, allegedly causing some regular museum donors to opt out. “These people are already donating so much, to then ask for that amount is a lot,” one source recently told Page Six, while another countered with, “For every person that decides not to go, 20 people will line up behind them and beg to come. Will Anna want those people? Maybe, maybe not.”

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So…Do Celebrities Pay for Met Gala Tickets?

I mean, it’s happened before. Back in 2012, Page Six reported (although the story has since been removed…) that Kate Upton dropped $25,000 to attend the Met Gala and allegedly wrote Anna a check while meeting with her at the Vogue offices.

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Typically though, designers or brands will buy out an entire table and invite celebs as their guests—who Anna approves of, of course. However! According to Page Six, some designers are passing on buying tables this year because they “don’t want to have to adhere to this year’s theme” of paying tribute to Karl Lagerfeld.

As one source put it, “Chanel themes are so iconic. Other brands have their own identity. What are they going to do?”

’Kay, But Who Pays for the Clothes?

Celebrities work directly with designers to create their looks (or pull from archives), so nope: No one is forking over a buncha money for couture. They’re fully just out here wearing it for free!

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Does Everyone Get to Walk the Carpet?

Whether you’re a celebrity or a rich donor, anyone with a ticket to the Met Gala gets to walk the red carpet. Which can apparently be somewhat awkward next to all the A-listers doing their thing.

“Everyone walks the red carpet,” attendee Cameron Silver told Page Six in 2017, “but less well-known guests hear crickets because no one is paying attention. It is one of the most demeaning things to walk those stairs as a non-celebrity. I’ve seen so many people run up those stairs and they look amazing, but they’re not recognizable [enough for the paparazzi to care]. It’s very bruising on the ego.”

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On that note, excuse me while I change into sweats and continue to judge everyone’s looks from my couch while surrounded by pizza.

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