Michael Bublé Joins the Jonas Brothers Onstage in Vancouver

Michael Bublé Joins the Jonas Brothers Onstage in Vancouver

Michael Bublé is a sucker for the Jonas Brothers!

Over the weekend, the “Just Haven’t Met You Yet” singer shocked he crowd at the Jo Bros’ sold-out show in Vancouver when he appeared onstage and performed his version of “Feeling Good.” 

The moment was captured by fans, who did not expect the Canadian crooner to hit the stage. 

Joe, Nick and Kevin‘s fans weren’t the only people excited about the moment. On Sunday, Michael shared a video of all the prep that went into getting his kids (and himself) ready for the show. 

In the video, Michael stands in front of his older kids, Noah, 10, Elias, 7, and Vida, 5, and a bunch of their friends as he coaches them as they sing the Jonas Brothers’ hit, “What a Man Gotta Do.” 

After instructing the kids on the correct words, Michael also offers a quick lesson in the correct dance moves to “Sucker.” 


“These kids are going to embarrass the sh*t out of me,” he quips to the camera as he holds his 1-year-old daughter, Cielo. “I think they’re gonna make fools of themselves in front of the Jonas Brothers.” 

Before Michael and the kids make their way out the door, he tells them one more time not to embarrass him. 

“Everybody be chill…don’t be getting embarrassing,” he says before he races them to the limo. 

Inside, Michael and the kids chant the Jonas Brothers’ name before continuing inside of the venue.

Finally, after the show, the gang has the opportunity to meet the guys. Being the cool dad he is, Michael asks if the Jo Bros can ‘sign his kid’s guitar.” The group is happy to do so, as Michael’s son chimes in that the guitar, in fact, belongs to his father.

In the end, the biggest Jonas Brothers fan is revealed to be the “It’s a Beautiful Day” singer, who rocks head-to-toe Jonas Brothers merch as he makes it home.

Michael has been having fun visiting people on tour. In August, Michael got in on Dave Grohl’s running joke and joined the Foo Fighters onstage for a performance of “Just Haven’t Met You Yet.” 

Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas are currently on The Tour, which sees them perform five albums in one night. 



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