Mick Jagger and Lady Gaga Make Surprise Cameos in Bad Bunny’s ‘SNL’

Mick Jagger and Lady Gaga Make Surprise Cameos in Bad Bunny’s ‘SNL’

Bad Bunny’s big Saturday Night Live hosting debut was a truly star-studded affair.

After the celebrated singer brought out Pedro Pascal to help with his first-ever monologue, many fans felt satisfied that they’d gotten the night’s A-list cameo — only to quickly be proven wrong.

During an early sketch, Bad Bunny and cast member Marcello Hernández played telenovela actors, who’s tense scene kept getting derailed by an actress (Punkie Johnson) who, it turned out, didn’t know how to speak any Spanish.

In a real left-field move, Mick Jagger came out as another star on the telenovela who is equally confused about why they cast an actress who can’t speak the language of the show. However, it was Jagger’s very unexpected appearance that stole the spotlight from the whole scene.

Jagger’s appearance during the show comes a full 11 years after the last time he appeared on SNL, when he hosted back in Season 37.

Shortly after, as fans were still reeling from the back-to-back surprises of Pascal and Jagger, it was time for Bad Bunny to take the stage for his first performance as the night’s musical guest and was introduced by none other than Lady Gaga!

While that was the extent of Gaga’s involvement in the episode, both Jagger and Pascal appeared in additional sketches throughout the night.

First, Pascal actually reprised a character he first played when he hosted last season as a protective Latina mom, with Bad Bunny playing an overprotective aunt. It was the sketch no one knew was coming and everyone realized they’d wanted.

In one of the last handful of sketches, Mick Jagger returned in one of the raunchiest SNL sketches in recent memory. The sketch involved a handful of nuns living in a convent, who have all been having sex with a man who has been posing as a nun — although none of them have a problem with it. While Bad Bunny plays one of the nuns, it’s revealed that Jagger is the actual imposter.

To be fair, both Jagger and Gaga were already in Los Angeles, as the “Born This Way” singer made her own surprise appearance at a secret Rolling Stones concert held at Racket, a club in Chelsea, on Thursday night.

Saturday Night Live airs live, coast-to-coast, at 11:30 p.m. ET, 8:30 p.m. PT, on NBC.



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