Miley Cyrus Posted Photos of Herself Posing Topless In Just Jeans

Miley Cyrus Posted Photos of Herself Posing Topless In Just Jeans

On Saturday, Miley Cyrus continued to promote her album Endless Summer Vacation with sexy pics on the Instagram timeline, posting a shot of herself in nothing but a pair of jeans while stretched out on the bed. Her many tattoos were on full display, and her tousled hair spilled over her face in high-lighted waves.

“You’re lonely now & I hate it,” she captioned the post. The quote is a line from the chorus of her single “Jaded,” which is the follow-up to her massive hit “Flowers.”

It’s believed that “Flowers” is about Cyrus’s ex, actor Liam Hemsworth and “Jaded” comes next on the track list with more of the story. A source told People that the pop star is using her music to retell her relationship timeline with Hemsworth from her perspective, and that things have gotten better for her since their split.

“She’s the healthiest and happiest she’s been in a long time. Everyone was blaming her for the divorce and calling her this wild child, but that wasn’t fair. Their relationship and marriage was toxic, and she was heartbroken,” the source explained. “She’s not trying to bash Liam, but she feels like she has every right to own the narrative after everyone was picking her apart after the breakup.”

The former couple met in 2009 and had an off-and-on-again relationship for a number of years. They were married in 2018, and divorced in 2020. Hemsworth is now dating Australian model Gabriella Brooks. Cyrus has been romantically linked to drummer Maxx Morando since 2021.

Cyrus also shared several shots of herself in a high cut one-piece in metallic gold, which tease the visuals for the upcoming “Jaded” music video.

She also thanked her followers for streaming “Flowers” so much with a reel of her in the garden in the same suit.

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