Natalia Bryant Lands a Dream Job as Beyoncé’s Intern on the “Renaissance” World Tour

Natalia Bryant Lands a Dream Job as Beyoncé’s Intern on the “Renaissance” World Tour

In two decades, Natalia Bryant has achieved what some Beyoncé fans have only ever considered a dream. Equipped with past modeling experience for Ivy Park and a lifetime of admiration for the Grammy-winning singer, Bryant has landed a job as Beyoncé’s intern on her “Renaissance” World Tour. As the megastar’s right-hand woman, Bryant — who is in her sophomore year at the University of Southern California — has put herself in a prime position to learn from one of the world’s most renowned entrepreneurs. Plus, she gets to experience the entire tour firsthand.

The dream opportunity came to light when Twitter user Zara Rahim shared screenshots of the tour credits, which casually listed Bryant as a Parkwood Entertainment intern. As a film major, Bryant has already set herself on the path to success in the entertainment industry. Taking pointers from Beyoncé, though, is a whole new level of experience.

While it’s unclear exactly what Bryant’s internship entails, we’re guessing it involves a fair amount of one-on-one time with Queen Bey herself. If you’ve ever wondered how Beyoncé takes her coffee or what her go-to lunch is before rehearsals, Bryant probably has the answer. Also, we can only imagine the fan mail Bryant must be sifting through on a daily basis — a feat worth adding to any résumé.

People on social media have been quick to critique children of celebrities for using their parents’ status to get their foot in the door when it comes to acting, performing, and more. As the daughter of Vanessa Bryant and the late Kobe Bryant, though, the 20-year-old has received an overwhelming surge of support from fans online.

“She can’t help that she’s Kobe’s daughter,” one Twitter user wrote. “What is she supposed 2 change her last name? I think not. These kids lives have never been the same. Leave them alone.” Another Twitter user added, “The nepotism we live for. Give those kids EVERYTHING. They deserve.”

As far as summer jobs go, Bryant’s sounds like a dream come true. With 17 more stops on the European leg of the “Renaissance” tour and an entire North American tour to follow, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Bryant’s social media for glimpses into life on the road with Beyoncé.

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