‘NCIS: Sydney’s Olivia Swann Reveals Her Dream ‘NCIS’ Crossover

‘NCIS: Sydney’s Olivia Swann Reveals Her Dream ‘NCIS’ Crossover

Olivia Swann is dreaming up an epic NCIS crossover. ET’s Nischelle Turner spoke to the NCIS: Sydney star, who revealed which franchise star she’d like to work with.

“I’d love to have Jessica Knight from NCIS come play around with us,” Swann told ET of Katrina Law, who plays Jessica Knight on the series, before noting of NCIS: Hawai’i, “I wouldn’t mind going to Hawaii. I will take that. If you send me because I will happily go.”

With that in mind, Swann gushed about the franchise as a whole, saying, “It’s such an honor being part of a franchise like this.”

“It kind of didn’t even sink in with us while we were filming,” she said. “It kind of hasn’t been until now that we’re realizing the magnitude of it, which is mind-blowing. We just have the best time and we’re just so grateful to be a part of this this world and this universe.”

As for the most exciting part of joining the NCIS universe, Swann said that it’s simply “everything,” admitting, “It’s a ridiculous answer, but it really is.”

Part of the world they are, as NCIS: Sydney quickly became TV’s number one new series, a fact that Swann said “feels incredible and is also very awakening.”

“I think we’re just really showing off Sydney in this incredible, action-packed way. I think people are loving that, which is so exciting,” she said. “… The wonderful thing across the whole NCIS franchise is that people come for the crime and stay for the characters. I think that that goes the same for NCIS Sydney. We have such a wonderful cast of characters who are all so unique and have such individuality yet gel so well together even though they have their differences. I think it’s a real selling point and so fun to watch.”

NCIS: Sydney airs Tuesdays on CBS.



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