Netflix Reveals First Look at ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 and Things are Heating Up Between Colin and Penelope

Netflix Reveals First Look at ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 and Things are Heating Up Between Colin and Penelope

The highly anticipated second season of Bridgerton came out in March and everyone and their mother collectively took a sigh of relief, as this was pretty much a signal for brighter days to come. If you’re like me, you definitely binged the entire season in one weekend and did little to no adulting and regretted absolutely none of it. Once you finally came up for air, though, you were, again like me, probs wondering, Hmm, when does season 3 come out? Well, bb, you’ve clicked into the right place because we’ve got the answers riiight here.

Is there going to be a Bridgerton season 3?

Huzzah! Rejoice and be glad because, yes, there will be a season 3 to this brilliant piece of Regency-era-inspired art. Netflix made the announcement back in April 2021 that it had greenlit two more seasons of the series, so that would be seasons 3 and 4. So expect a lot more romance and hot goss coming our way. (And maybe this time, we can, like, do our budgets or something semi-productive while watching these seasons.)

What’s it going to be about?

It’s official: Season 3 is going to be about *pause for dramatic effect* Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington’s love story! Oh yeah, that means the Netflix series is now going to be diverging from the original book series. Exciting!

“Like Lady Whistledown, I have been keeping a secret for quite some time and I can confirm to you all that season 3 is Colin and Penelope’s love story,” said Nicola Coughlan, per Deadline, during a Netflix panel. “I have kept that secret since two weeks into season 2. This is the first time I am saying it here.”

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Up until now, the show has been following the original Julia Quinn books in terms of what storylines it follows. If Shondaland continued down this path instead, then the next love story viewers would be following would be that of gorgeous playboy Benedict Bridgerton.

This shift from the book order isn’t necessarily surprising though. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Bridgerton executive producers Shonda Rhimes and Chris Van Dusen hinted that the series might start deviating from the books more in the next season.

“There’s eight Bridgerton siblings, so we’re planning on following each one of the siblings’ romantic stories,” Rhimes confirmed. “We’re not necessarily going in order, but we are going to be seeing each of the siblings and their stories.”

Van Dusen also confirmed that each Bridgerton sib is going to get a turn in the spotlight—assuming audiences (and Netflix, ofc) keep coming back for more, at least.

“I can’t mention or talk about anything after this season, [but] it was always my goal to focus on a different Bridgerton sibling every season and it’s no secret there are eight Bridgerton siblings,” Van Dusen explained. “In success, we will be on as long as Netflix will have us, but I would love to focus on every single one of those eight Bridgerton siblings and tell romance stories for all of them.”

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Who’s going to be back on the cast list?

Obviously, since we’re focusing on Penelope and Colin’s story, Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton, are returning. And Colin’s siblings are also likely going to make appearances, especially the younger ones who have yet to find their matches.

Of course, we’re always hoping, wishing, praying, manifesting (all the things!) that Regé-Jean Page reprises his role as the dashing Duke of Hastings. But alas, that seems unlikely—especially since Phoebe Dynevor just confirmed she isn’t returning for season 3.

But Simone Ashley is confirmed to be returning.

There was some speculation that because Regé-Jean played the love interest in season 1 and then dipped that Simone Ashley would do the same and not reprise her role as Kate Sharma for the third season. But Simone shared with Deadline that she will be back and that Kate and Anthony are “just getting started.” OoOoOoOo!

“In season 2, there was a lot of push and pull between Kate and Anthony, there were complications with the family, and then they find each other toward the end,” she said. “I think everything is just starting. I’d like to see Kate just let go a bit more and play more in season 3 and kind of swim in that circle of love together. I think they both deserve it.”


Has filming begun?

Not even the UK heat wave can stop one of the hottest shows on TV from starting production. Bridgerton has officially begun filming for its third season and the cast got together to film a cute video sharing the good news.

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Is anyone new joining?

With the special announcement that season 3 has begun filming, Netflix also confirmed that three new faces will be joining the cast.

Daniel Francis will be playing Marcus Anderson, “a charismatic presence who lights up any room he enters, attracting the notice of certain matriarchs in the ton—and the ire of others.”

The Crown’s Sam Philips plays Lord Debling, “a genial lord with unusual interests. But with wealth and a noble title to back up his eccentricities, he’ll have no shortage of interest from young ladies this season.” Does this mean he’ll be courting Penelope? Or someone else whose last name is Bridgerton?

James Phoon is playing Harry Dankworth. “What Dankworth lacks in wit and intelligence, he more than makes up for with serious good looks,” Netflix revealed. Well, we can definitely get behind that.

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Have there been any sneak peeks?

It wouldn’t be a season of Bridgerton without Lady Whistledown, and yes, the iconic narrator is back. While talking about some juicy season 3 stuff, Nicola worked her magic and gave us a bit of Lady Whistledown’s first report of the season.

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At the 2023 TUDUM event, Netflix unveiled some brand new photos featuring our soon-to-be favorite couple: Pen and Colin. It looks like they’re going to be going through a rollercoaster as they figure out their feelings for one another. Not only that but with all the drama that went down at the end of season 2 between Pen and Eloise, she is definitely going to be going through it this season.

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When is season 3 coming out?

Filming for the third season won’t end for a few months, so don’t expect anything sooner than 2023. And if we’re going by the same schedule as the first and second seasons, then it should be sometime in the winter.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear anything else! In the meantime, maybe you can rewatch season 1 episode 6….*wink, wink*

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