Nikki Garcia Opens Up About Wanting Another Kid, 40th Birthday Plans


Nikki Garcia is considering having a second child. Nikki and her twin sister, Brie, interviewed each other for the latest edition of “Spilling the E-Tea,” during which the former Garcia twin revealed she and her husband, Artem Chigvintsev, are thinking about baby number two, nearly three years after they welcomed their son, Matteo.

“[In a perfect world] I’d love for him to be an older brother. Right now, he has a twin brother and an older Birdie sister, so we’ll see,” Nikki told Brie, referring to Brie’s kids, Buddy and Birdie, the former of whom arrived one day before Matteo. “I mean, who knows? I think he loves being an only child.”

Brie is all for her twin becoming a mom of two, noting, “You asked me if I would babysit for you. And then I kind of started to think like, she doesn’t think, like, ‘Every Friday I’m gonna go on a date with Artem and Auntie Brie’s gonna come over and watch the kids.’ That kind of got me nervous, but yeah, I’ll come hold the baby, help you out.”

“Ok well, as of now, we might be sticking to one. We’ll see. I know [Artem] wants another one really bad, so we’ll see what happens,” Nikki responded, before reflecting on how quickly she fell for her husband, saying, “It’s weird, your heart, it just knows and my heart knew and that’s why he’s my husband.”

While Nikki mulls whether or not she’ll expand her family, she and Brie are excited to enter a new decade on Tuesday as they celebrate their 40th birthday.

“This is actually really sad, because we were gonna go really big,” Brie said of her and Nikki’s 40th birthday plans.

“We were gonna go massive,” Nikki agreed, “but it was turning into, like, a wedding reception.”

“Exactly,” Brie concurred. “And then we decided, OK, I know we’re turning 40, but it’s just too much… We’re not going big.”

Instead, Nikki, who competed on Dancing With the Stars in 2017, will be in the live studio audience for Tuesday’s Taylor Swift-themed show, while Brie will “be in Scottsdale having some fun.”

Though they’re not ringing in their 40th birthday together, The Garcia Twins love working together, most recently on Twin Love.

“We really give each other confidence,” Brie said of the best part of working with her twin. “You’ll help me out with things… and I know it comes from a good place. If I give you some advice, you take it really well. I just feel like we have more. It doesn’t feel like we’re working. It feels fun.”

As for Twin Love itself, Nikki teased that the reality show, which divides 10 sets of twins into two houses on an intriguing search for love, will be “super dramatic.”

“There’s so many layers in the show, because there are two houses with identical casts,” she said. “From our eliminations to the twist we have at the end of the season, it’s double the drama.”

Twin Love is now streaming on Prime Video. 


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