Olivia Rodrigo Is a Classic Pisces; Here’s What an Astrologer Had to Say About Her Chart


Olivia Rodrigo has been making waves in the music scene since her angsty power-balled “Drivers License” exploded earlier this year, and with the release of her debut album, Sour, she shows no signs of slowing down. The self-proclaimed “spicy Pisces” has no hesitancy when it comes to expressing herself emotionally on Sour, which is so on brand for water signs. The actress is a Pisces sun, which makes a ton of sense when you listen to her single “Good 4 U,” where she belts, “Maybe I’m too emotional / But your apathy’s like a wound in salt.” Clearly, it’s a Pisces anthem.

Though Olivia might seem to burst with water-sign energy, there’s a lot more to her birth chart than her sun sign suggests. Your sun sign is only a fraction of your chart, and other planets have a huge influence on your personality, the way you process your emotions, and the way you portray yourself. Not only does the “Deja Vu” singer have a Libra moon and a Capricorn ascendant, but she also has a supercharged stellium in her second house. POPSUGAR spoke with astrologer and cohost of the Allegedly Astrology Podcast Dana DeFranco to learn more about Olivia’s cosmic personality.

The Big 3: Sun, Moon, and Ascendant

Sun in Pisces

Olivia’s Piscean energy is noticed most in her sun sign, which is the sign that dictates our outward personality. This is why we can confidently say Olivia is one unapologetic and emotionally expressive Pisces.

“Pisces suns are true artists at their core,” Dana told POPSUGAR. “If Geminis are the chameleons of the zodiac, Pisces are shapeshifters.” Sour is filled with raw and intense emotions and exudes the kind of vulnerability you can expect from a sympathetic water sign. Water placements are known to allow emotions to run freely through them, like waves in the ocean.

“When I listen to Olivia’s album, I can quite literally feel her angst and disappointment,” Dana said. “This is the power of water signs, especially Pisces — the ability to channel emotion through creative channels so that others are able to feel it too.”

Just like other water signs, Pisces are intuitive by design. “Their empathic and intuitive nature grants them the ability to adjust the expression of their personalities to any backdrop,” Dana explained. “Because of their empathic nature, Pisces placements can sometimes absorb the emotions of others to the point of self-victimization.”

Pisces are also natural dreamers, and Olivia is no stranger to dreaming big. Her success alone is evidence of her dreamlike energy, but her intuition goes much deeper than that. In a recent interview on the Zach Sang Show, Olivia talked about how songs come to her in dreams and that she often dreams about writing songs.

Capricorn Ascendant

Our ascendant sign, or our rising sign, is all about our social projections. This placement is often described as our social mask and how we portray ourselves in social settings. Olivia’s Capricorn ascendant can tell us a lot about the way she presents herself publicly. Capricorns tend to be the most reserved sign in the zodiac. Often, Capricorn ascendants feel a sense of conventional obligation to be seen as doing the right thing.

Dana explained that there’s a significant aspect to Olivia’s chart to keep in mind. “Olivia’s Pisces sun is in a tight sextile with her Capricorn ascendant,” she told POPSUGAR. The conventional Capricorn is usually one to rationalize their dreams, which has served Olivia well. “The ascendant, or rising, is the first place to look in order to understand a person’s perspective and how they approach the world. Sextiles are a harmonious aspect that can be immensely creative when acted upon, which is exactly what Olivia is doing by making music,” Dana said. Earth signs like Capricorns are no stranger to actualizing their goals.

Moon in Libra

Astrologically speaking, our moon signs portray our inner self, how we react to our own emotions, and how we respond to others. Think of it as who we are when no one’s looking.

Though it’s hard to say who Olivia is when we’re not looking, we can find hints of her Libra qualities in her more personal, vulnerable songs like “Brutal.” In this song, she sings, “I feel like no one wants me / And I hate the way I’m perceived,” which gives us insight into her sense of disconnect between who she thinks she is and how she thinks other people see her. Her hyperawareness around popularity and wanting to be liked is very on brand for Libras, who are seen as sociable people. Since her moon is in Libra, this could reflect her fear of not being accepted by those around her.

“Libra is the sign of balance, harmony, and relationship, and the moon symbolizes our emotional reactions and shows us what we need to feel safe and secure,” Dana said. “This means that Olivia requires solid relationships to maintain her emotional health. One could argue that this is a fundamental requirement for all humans, but it’s especially important for Olivia, who will be more willing and able to achieve compromise in partnerships to maintain personal security.”

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury is the ruling planet of communication, technology, and intellect. Olivia’s trailblazing Aquarian traits are present in her communication style, specifically in how she rationalizes her emotions, which requires taking a step back to analyze them. “Mercury in Aquarius is a sharp and witty placement,” Dana said. “Mercury is the planet of communication, and Aquarians sees themselves as citizens of the world.”

Olivia’s song “Happier,” where she belts out the lyrics, “And I thought my heart was detached / From all the sunlight of our past,” directly reflects this Aquarian sentiment. In contrast to her tendency to disconnect, air-sign energy includes the reputation of having their head in the clouds, which oftentimes imparts a dreamy element to the way they communicate.

Venus in Capricorn

Oh, Venus, the romantic ruling planet of love and harmony. Those with a Venus in Capricorn tend to be highly committed to their romantic, platonic, and business relationships. Capricorn placements are practical, sure, but they’re very serious when it comes to the connections they create. “Venus in Capricorn values commitment and building strong foundations in a relationship,” Dana said. Capricorns naturally need stability within their personal and professional relationships, so having this sign in your Venus can emphasize a craving for balance in relationships even more.

Stellium in the Second House

Your planets influence different parts of your personality, but where they’re placed in your houses is just as significant. As the planets passed through the houses at the time you were born, it energized a specific aspect of your life. When you have three or more planets falling under one house, this is considered a stellium. Whether you have a stellium in your houses or planets, astrology would suggest your life and personality will revolve around those specific themes. For example, someone who has three or more planets in Aquarius might direct their ambitions toward bettering the world, whereas someone who has three planets in their 10th house might be more career driven.

“The second house is where our personal values and earthly possessions live,” Dana explained. “Olivia’s stellium is comprised of Mercury: communication and intellect; Neptune: art, delirium, deception, and obscurity; and Uranus: disruption and magnetism — all of which are viable themes on her breakout album.”

Sour definitely has Pisces energy all over it, but any zodiac sign can appreciate Olivia’s boldness to create, drive to actualize her dreams, and courage to express her emotions in all forms.

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