Our Place Launches the Dream Cooker: Shop the Latest Kitchen Appliance

Our Place Launches the Dream Cooker: Shop the Latest Kitchen Appliance

Dishing out kitchen products that are fashionable, functional and superior quality, Our Place has quickly become a favorite of home cooks around the country. Beginning with the viral and versatile Always Pan and moving into collaborations with superstar Selena Gomez and the expansion into sleek kitchen appliances, Our Place continues to deliver.

Recently branching out with their first-ever appliance, The Wonder Oven (which sold out within the first week of its launch), Our Place has added another new kitchen appliance to the roster: The Dream Cooker. An all-in-one multi-cooker, The Dream Cooker, uses the power of pressure cooking, slow cooking, sautéing, and more to deliver dishes up to 80% faster than traditional methods.

The Dream Cooker

Our Place

The Dream Cooker

Whether you want fork-tender meats, flavorful broths or fluffy grains, the ultra-efficient Dream Cooker can make it happen in record time.

Small, but mighty, The Dream Cooker is both multifunctional and countertop-worthy. With four modes to choose from, The Dream Cooker can pressure cook, slow cook, sear and sauté or keep your foods warm. The newest appliance is the ideal size at six quarts, which can whip up an impressive nine cups of rice. The worst part of cooking, the clean-up, will go quickly too, as the inner pot has a toxin-free nonstick coating.

Available in four signature Our Place colors — Spice, Steam, Char and Blue Salt — the Dream Cooker will fit in with any other Our Place products you may own. All Dream Cookers sell for $250 on Our Place’s website. If the swift sell of the Wonder Oven is any indicator, you’ll want to add it to your cart while it’s still in stock. 

Shop the Our Place Dream Cooker

For even more kitchen products from Our Place, check out the brand’s redesigned Perfect Pot and Hot Grill for a chic and functional kitchen. 


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