Paulina Porizkova Poses Topless in Unretouched IG Pic About “Shame”

Paulina Porizkova Poses Topless in Unretouched IG Pic About “Shame”

There’s nobody like Paulina Porizkova. The smart, passionate, and gorgeous 58-year-old constantly shows us that aging is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, she thinks it’s something we should lean into. The former model recently celebrated her birthday with a makeup-free selfie and has been passionate about embracing her age and encouraging others to do the same. In a recent Instagram post, the model stripped down (literally) to share her feelings about comparisons and shame, posing in just her underwear (with incredibly toned abs on full display!) to make her point.

Donning only black heels and a pair of pink underwear, Paulina took the opportunity to be vulnerable with her followers and open up about constantly comparing herself to other women her age.

“Did you know we are programmed, as humans, to compare ourselves to others? We can’t avoid comparing. But we can control our reactions to the comparisons,” Paulina wrote in the post’s caption. “I’m a 57-year-old woman, starting my life over. I compare myself to other women my age all the time. When I fit in but somehow feel like I also stand out in a positive way, I feel good about myself. When I fail, I feel ashamed.”

She continued, “Shame tells me I’m not good enough. So my first instinct is to turn it around and shame the person who has caused my shame. If I went with it, I’d be posting snarky shaming comments on other women’s feeds.”

We’ve all been there. But the actor offered some insight in the ultra-relatable post on ways we can recognize the comparisons and shame and turn the feelings into something beautiful.

“The antidote to shame, which is all inward and egocentric, is empathy. Facing out, with spiritual generosity,” she wrote in the Instagram post. “When I recognize my shame, ‘I don’t look as young, I’m not as rich or pretty or successful or accomplished or as loved’ as the woman I am comparing myself to, I can turn it around.”

Paulina encouraged followers to lift other women up instead of attacking them with hurtful words. She continued, “I can allow her to inspire me instead. I can celebrate and admire instead of throwing mud. And that’s a win for all.”

The America’s Next Top Model judge closed her statement by sharing some of her insecurities and admitting, “The only thing retouched in this photo is the painting in the back.”

She concluded, “To all you, my fellow sisters, notice the crepeyness of my lower belly, which is what happens when you’ve borne two kids, are thin, and 57, regardless of how good your abs are. I’ve decided to think of it as kinda sexy—like rumpled silk sheets instead of a smoothly made bed. It has a history of making love.”

This isn’t the first time Paulina has opened up about her body image and her struggle with comparing herself to others. Between posting stunning bikini selfies to show off her ultra-toned body, she also clapped back at trolls who told her she’s too “old and ugly” to post bikini pics.

The actor has spoken out about how harmful ageism is, and she also opened up about her complicated opinions about Botox in an unretouched selfie on social media. Plus, she recently revealed she uses meditation to help cope with her decades-long battle with anxiety.

We love Paulina’s message and can’t wait to see what insightful thoughts she shares next.

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