Princess Anne’s Net Worth Is Up in the Air Thanks to King Charles Inheriting All the Queen’s Money

Princess Anne’s Net Worth Is Up in the Air Thanks to King Charles Inheriting All the Queen’s Money

She might be relatively low-key compared to other members of the British royal family who are best described as completely extra, but Princess Anne is extremely rich. Like, we’re talking “has a collection of tiaras, wears a necklace worth $1 million, owns her own polo grounds”-levels of rich. But Princess Anne’s net worth has changed a lot since her mother, Queen Elizabeth II, passed away, and things are getting kinda complicated thanks to rumors that King Charles isn’t exactly sharing their mom’s wealth. Here’s what we know, starting with….

Princess Anne’s Total Net Worth 🤑

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Princess Anne has a net worth of $10 million. But!! It’s likely this number has changed since Queen Elizabeth’s death due to reports that Anne inherited a (smoll) portion of her estate. That said, The Daily Mail reports there’s “some resentment” from Anne and her siblings over King Charles not handing over their cut….

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According to a palace source, the Queen’s money passed “from monarch to monarch” in order to avoid a huge tax bill, which means King Charles technically got it all and allegedly still hasn’t given his siblings their share. Prince Andrew is the one who’s said to be truly spiraling, though Princess Anne and Prince Edward are impacted as well.

As a source put it, “Andrew hasn’t been uniquely targeted for ill-treatment. Her late Majesty supported her children during her lifetime and had made provision for them already.”

Princess Anne Owns a Massive Estate

On top of her official London residence in St. James’ Palace (which technically belongs to the Crown), Princess Anne owns a giant 730-acre property called Gatcombe Park in Gloucestershire, which the Queen bought her in 1976 for between £500,000 and £750,000. Not only does Gatcombe Park have a manor house, but it also has stables, a polo field, and entire other homes that Anne’s kids use. But the inside of the manor seems pretty cozy judging from this rare photo the royals released of Princess Anne at home with her husband:

Just don’t be completely fooled by that normal-seeming living room. According to The Express, Anne’s estate is currently worth around $15 million.

Reminder That Princess Anne Is a “Working Royal”

Which means she pretty much has a full-time job in going to royal engagements, and as such gets a lot of her expenses paid by the Sovereign Grant (which is taxpayer money that covers the royals’ official duties—we have a whole deep dive this way if you’re curious).

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She Has a Priceless Jewelry Collection

On top of owning items like Aquamarine Pineflower Tiara (made by Cartier for the Queen Mother), the Diamond Festoon Tiara, Princess Andrew’s Meander Bandeau (also made out of diamonds), and Empress Marie Feodorovna’s Sapphire and Pearl Choker, Princess Anne just inherited her late mother’s iconic three-strand pearl necklace (given to the Queen by her father King George VI), which is worth £1 million on its own. According to The Express, her jewelry collection totals $7 million.

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Cool cool cool, I’ll just be here pondering some earrings from Claire*s. And by the way, if you want to feel extra resentful that you didn’t marry into the royal family, go ahead and read about Charles’ net worth here:

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