Sasha Velour’s All-Red Bedroom Is Like a ”Fantasy Bordello”

Sasha Velour’s All-Red Bedroom Is Like a ”Fantasy Bordello”

Welcome to the Friday Night Phone Call series, where we conduct a cheeky, little-bit-flirty after-hours interview with a celebrity of our choosing and ask them all the hard-hitting questions, like “What are you wearing right now?” and “Candles, yea or nay?” Even more challenging? We do it all in 30 minutes. Thank us later.

Sasha Velour has a résumé as long as my arm: contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 (which she won!), creator of the wildly popular burlesque show NightGowns, author of the brand-spanking-new The Big Reveal: An Illustrated Manifesto of Drag. She’s also delightfully down for a good time, making her perfect for this series, where we interview our favorite celebs after hours and ask them borderline-inappropriate questions. Here’s what happened when Sasha took a break from her vaginal-jewelry-making to answer them.

Sasha, congrats on finally getting to the weekend. What were you doing right before this call?

I was sanding some jewelry that I made with a friend the other night. I surprised her with mushroom tea and insisted we make vaginal jewelry—earrings—out of Sculpey.

How are they looking so far?

It’s giving Schiaparelli. They’re going to be very heavy. But glue it on, tape it up—we’ll make it happen.

Can I order a custom pair? Kidding. But also not. Where are you in your home?

I’m in my office, and it is absolutely crowded. I have lots of little ephemera, like a piece of costume jewelry that fell off Lady Gaga’s outfit when she was in the Drag Race workroom with me. I carry that everywhere.

The power of Gaga! In your house! I’m jealous. Where do you feel the most at ease?

Anywhere that I can take a bath. Maybe it’s because I’m a water sign, but I feel so comfortable and cozy in warm water.

That sounds incredible. What are your ingredients for a perfect bath?

I’m a bath salts person. The bubbles are too soapy on my skin. I feel like the salts have a health benefit…or at least I tell myself that.

I’m not going to correct you. Let’s say you’re spending a night in with your significant other. How do you put the moves on?

I’ll set the table. My partner and I eat on the go, so when we sit down and light some taper candles, that sets the romantic mood. I like to combine my dates with a creative adventure. By the end of the night, we’re on the roof in period costumes filming a shadow play for my next video.

And after that? What’s the vibe in the bedroom?

My bedroom is entirely red. I like to sleep in a fantasy bordello. Red carpet, red curtains so that if you sleep late into the day, you get a bright-red light everywhere. Supposedly, it’s not a restful color at all, but I find it really comforting. It matches my vampiric vibe.

Sexy. If you see me grabbing paint swatches, no you didn’t.

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