Scott and Kourtney Are ‘Not as Friendly as They Used to Be’: Source

Scott and Kourtney Are ‘Not as Friendly as They Used to Be’: Source

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian‘s relationship is ever-evolving. A source tells ET that the exes, who share Mason, 13, Penelope, 11, and Reign, 8, “are not as friendly as they used to be” amid her pregnancy with her husband, Travis Barker.

“Scott has been very low-key lately and focusing on himself and his kids. He’s been spending more time in Miami and doing his own thing,” the source tells ET. “Scott tries to be as supportive of Kourtney as possible, but also knows that it’s best to keep his distance, especially during a stressful time with her recent surgery.”

Kourtney’s health scare happened earlier month, when Travis, who was set to kick off a European tour with Blink-182, rushed back to California for “an urgent family matter.” Days later, Kourtney revealed on Instagram that she’d undergone “urgent fetal surgery.”

Amid the emotional time for The Kardashians star, ET’s source says, “Scott and Kourtney are not as friendly as they used to be, so he tries to be respectful and give her space, while also being there for her and the family.”

Back in June, another source offered insight into Scott’s state of mind amid his ex’s pregnancy.

“Scott is being as supportive as possible while also trying to take care of himself,” the source told ET. “It stings a little and he will always have love for Kourtney, but at the same time he is also happy and excited for her. He wants to continue to move on and focus on his own personal life.”

Then, in August, a source told ET that “there are no hard feelings between Travis and Scott,” adding that “Scott is focusing on moving on.”

As for how Scott and Kourtney’s kids feel about her baby on the way, the source said they’re “looking forward to it.” The same can be said of Travis’ children. He’s dad to Alabama, 19, and Landon, 17, and stepdad to Atiana, 24.

“His kids are so excited to be getting a new sibling and to welcome a baby into the house,” the source said of Travis’ brood.

When it comes to the happy couple, they’re “loving every moment of her pregnancy,” according to the source.

“Travis and Kourtney are madly in love, and he is waiting on Kourtney hand and foot,” the source said. “He is always trying to meet her needs whether it means bringing her a smoothie, her favorite salad, and so on. He’s always asking what he can do for her. If he has a work commitment, he still makes an effort to check in on her.”



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